Nara Basilisk (Part 2)    Previous Chapter   “You know… Mr. Ian?” Nainiae had her right hand to the front and her left hand near the handle of a blade on her waist. Facing Basilisk who was wielding a spear, Nainiae asked. “Of course I know who he is.

Confrontation 2     Upon entering the hall, the woman falls into the ground.  The female official following her from behind quickly help her kneel properly on the floor.   At that moment, everyone within the hall gasps, isn’t that Rui Qinwang manor’s Third Young

Chapter 178 - Meditation Room   Thunder, lightning, wind, rain, almost screaming unceasingly in his ears, the chaos in his mind, feeling muddleheaded, he could no longer differentiate who exactly he himself was anymore? Only that in the severe pain, he felt waves of wind and rain brushing pas

There’s nothing else.” “Miss Shi, you were most likely pregnant then,” Feng De guided. “No. I wasn’t pregnant.” Feng De didnt see any peaks in the display. She had answered truthfully, but he couldn’t help feeling suspicious. He paused for a moment

Arifureta After II   In the Morning of Falling Star There was a beautiful barrier of whirling jet black color on the hand that Tio lifted up. That barrier blocked the extremely thick flash falling from the sky. Although the flash’s power was scattered, but the attack that possesse

Chapter 599 Invitation from the crew of Grandmasters! At home. He kept waiting and waiting for the Lucky Halo’s effect to happen. But from the morning until afternoon, then evening, after god knows how many hours had passed, he still did not experience any changes at all! Phone call?

Chapter 211 Slashing the Heavenly Pillar (Part III) Kirst’s City Lord was also astonished by this attack. He then looked at Hoult’s Crimson Fire with great envy. “So this is a top-grade level 29 Superior Divine Weapon… It’s really powerful, too powerful. Considering

Afterword Heavy Object has reached its 13th volume. This is Kamachi Kazuma. For the first time in a while, it was a Mariydi Whitewitch volume. The story was finally set in the all-out Northern Restricted Zone. By the way, this was not the unreleased volume I mentioned before, so try not to get th

Track 01: Welcome Fallen Baby “…ce Girl 1… Repeat, Ice Horse 3 to Ice Girl 1! Commander!! Get your hand back on the stick right this instant, you rock addict!!” Her vision was pure white. Eyes open or closed, that remained the same and a piercing pain ran through her temp

Track 02: Blind Gunner What an awful morning. Even in an Elite-class special suit designed for all weather conditions and environments, Mariydi felt a powerful chill gradually permeating her body. Her skin a mixture of ash and milky white, she had been saved, but she could not be optimistic. These

Track 03: Thor’s Hammer Mariydi was pursued by a voice yelling “wait” over and over again. She clicked her tongue and looked back while wearing a handmade ghillie suit to cover her lemon yellow special suit. The glasses fried shrimp wore a tight skirt suit that looked terribly o

Track 04: Money≠Treasure Thanks to the giant explosion of the laser-blinding SAM setup in the old farm, the mountain slope covered in conifer trees was torn up and covered in metal scrap even more than 500 meters away. Had it been blasted this far by the eruption, or had it slid down the slope?

Track 05: Sword of Catastrophe Mariydi did not want to let go of the military motorcycle since it had excellent specs, but some things could not be helped. She had concluded the Legitimacy Kingdom’s Lævateinn combat train could not target it, but she had to be extra cautious here. In ot

Track 06: Dead to the Next Did they chase after anything that moved, or could they be programmed to attack Mariydi specifically? The military truck was fast enough to lose those chasing them from behind, but the ones who rolled out in front managed to reach the truck. Each time, the chassis shook

Track 07: Last, Lust, Lost Mariydi had been fully convinced the battle was over, so she had to frantically grab the control column once more. Several alarms activated as she did so. She was being hit by radar waves from her own Ice Squadron. Even with a Boy Racer masterpiece permeating her body, s

Track 08: Night City The Northern Restricted Zone was an intense battlefield, so there were damaged guns and burned-out tanks everywhere. It made sense that the local children would come to gather scrap metal. After returning to land with the boat, Mariydi used her knife to slit the throats of some

Track 09: Life is Dungeon “Oh, damn. I knew we were headed to the city, so I shouldn’t have eaten those rations. I can’t believe how poorly I planned this.” “Hmm. But wouldn’t it be a shock to your stomach to eat something this heavy right away? Warming up our s

Track 10: Database Mariydi and Nancy crawled back through the drain that reeked of mud and returned to Valhalla’s shopping district where the protest was still underway. They did not have time to get trapped in the crowds that rivalled those of a train at rush hour, so they stayed off the ro

Track 11: White Sun Now, let’s return to before the explosion.   Some meaningless screaming and shouting continued for a while. Nancy the Fried Shrimp and even the middle-aged man who had lived in an enemy nation for years as an intelligence officer seemed to bristle at the thought, b

Track 12: Signal Break The great explosion overhead was surrounded by a vortex of wind that seemed dragged in from every direction. After the direct wind damage, the television, radio, cellphone, internet, and other wired and wireless communication media were cut. “Wah, wah, wahhh!!”

Track 13: End Off Nancy Jolly-Roger had a bullet wound in one arm, she was experiencing the extreme tension of combat which was still a new thing for her, and she was riding in a fighter without a g-suit. She had very nearly passed out, but her mind was shaken back to focus when she heard two parti

Prelude Hey, Sewax, let’s talk about muscles today. Now, now. Don’t look so shocked. You’re the one who brought it up. Now, muscles come in all sorts of varieties. Think of it like the difference between an American football player and a figure skater. They both have body fat pe

Chapter 60: The Last Day of School Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey Although he had benefited from the inverted energy flow from the Leakless Fruit, Zhang Tie was still not able to recover from losing a large amount of blood after just one night of rest. On Friday, his biological clock, which would

Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World V3C11 [Weapon summons] Weapons developed on and before 2013 can now be used. [Amount of summons possible:] Your current level is 65. Infantrymen: ・120,000  Artillery ・15,000 Vehicles ・15,000 Aircraft ・8,500 Warships ・6,500 ※When these arms are summo

Chapter 49 Lin Qi’s Old Friends Both the host and the guests were extremely happy. Baron Mirro personally sent Blackbeard and company off at the front gate of his residence. In Dunerk, very few people were worthy of Baron Mirro moving his precious legs to send them all the way to the front ga

Chapter 20: Difficult Mode Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Flame Emperor had returned the leader position to Zhang Yang right after he had finished adding members with his invitations. “Hi everyone!” Crimson Fire greeted with a smile as soon as h

32.) FLABBY BODY! WITH AN ADULT MIND! DETECTIVE PIGGY———   I was at Charlotte’s room now. As I sat on the chair inside Charlotte’s room, I was drinking the tea in front of me while I kept moving the prepared sweets into my mout

32.) FLABBY BODY! WITH AN ADULT MIND! DETECTIVE PIGGY———   I was at Charlotte’s room now. As I sat on the chair inside Charlotte’s room, I was drinking the tea in front of me while I kept moving the prepared sweets into my mout

Chapter 729: Poison Sect Xiao Yan’s eyes flicked around when he saw Hai Bodong’s smiling manner. A moment later, he narrowed his eyes and nodded slightly. He spoke in a deep voice, “In that case, I would need to trouble Old Hai to help me contact chairman Fa Ma and the heads of th

Chapter 730: The Things Yao Lao Left Behind Xiao Yan stayed within a chamber while the outsider world was in an uproar over the matter regarding the Misty Cloud Sect. He put in all his effort to heal his body’s injuries as soon as possible without receiving any sequelae. The injuries that Xi

Zui Xing Mai Shen Chapter 19 "Bed!" Feng Ruo Chen neatly answered, and then pulled grabbed the clothes on his body and pulled Fang Jing Zai and small run to the inner bedroom. Breeze in the ear, the wine fragrance making people got drunk. What kind of picture is this? The tw

Book 4, Chapter 2 Father's Invitation   ------------------         We left the scene and headed towards the Lost City. I think it's a good idea to get Yuri some more levels.      I received a message from Wayne when we reached the city.

Chapter 66 – Fairies and Niisama – Part 1 A few days passed after my parents eroded the world with their love field. In addition to Claire’s birthday, there’s one more birthday in the 9th Month. That’s is, of course, the birthday of our Oniisama, Theodore La Chris

Chapter 164 – The Grave of Long Bing Sure enough, Wu Zhangkong led the way into Heaven Dou Public Cemetery. The plant life seen peeking from over the walls was actually part of the cemetery. A collection of large trees were orderly arranged between the gravestones. Wu Zhangkong’s

Taking a Bath With Freida I nervously watch the oven, wondering if this really is going to turn out alright. This pound cake is a dessert that uses liberal amounts of some very precious ingredients. Not only am I in someone else’s house using someone else’s ingredients, but this is also

The Monologue of Sakura Airi I’m not very good at interacting with other people. I’m not very good at talking to other people while making eye contact. I’m not very good with crowded areas. I don’t know when I started to be bad at those things.   However, the one t

UchiMusume – Chapter 105   Youth, Speaking of his worries again. Second.   “Gilbester, how do Beast Tamers and the such allow their tamed beasts to come into the city?” “I don’t really know either. If I recall correctly, there should be some sort of

ELIZA CHAPTER 122 – GIVING YOU BLESSINGS With ambiguous, indescribable feelings, I decided to talk about Claudia. I could have talked about the Shiru children as well, but daily life with them is so far removed from the noble lifestyle, I felt like it wouldn’t be a suitable topic for t

Chapter 845 – In Sharp Opposition … … … On the next day, morning had arrived and the dawn was just rising. Bustling sounds already covered the entire dimensional realm as groups of martial artists came out from their residences, gathering in streams of people as they w

Chapter 846 – Killers of the Asura Divine Kingdom … … … As Situ Bonan appeared, he stared at Lin Ming like a vulture, his eyes as hard and sharp as swords. If an ordinary Life Destruction martial artist were to be caught in this stare, their back would have become wet