Chapter 447 - The Remnants of the Crabapple Blossoms Are Like Blood   Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr   The Department for Purging Officials was in the principal alley of the Northern Military Department. Although it was called an alley, it was actually a very spaciou

Chapter 32: Calling him a dog “I’ll only ask you a single question.  From now on, will you be loyal to me or will you be loyal to Chu Shao Yang?”  Chen Ning slowly said word by word. Chun Tao and Xia He could not help looking at each other.  They couldn’t und

SG! 35: WARNING   When Leon took me back to my room, I thought I would find Aira and Palmira asleep, but they were in the middle of eating dinner instead. By the way, the sheets had been replaced. Apparently, Leopard told a maid to replace them after he left me. The rope was confiscated, of

Book 26, World Level, Chapter 17 – The Trial of the Painting After feeling stunned for a while, Ji Ning regained his normal composure. In the end, outside sources of power were extraneous. The path of cultivation was a path where one would have to rely on one’s self. “Time to go

Book 26, World Level, Chapter 18 – Leaving the Badlands Territory The Badlands Court. Flower petals could be seen everywhere, drifting to and fro. Daolord Badlands and his wife were seated opposite a cyclopean man with a single horn on his head. “I didn’t expect that you would b

Legend of the Great Saint Book 1, Chapter 17   Little An’s expression was both greatly happy and a little vacant at the same time. Li Qingshan made another search of the witch’s house. Little An followed behind him like a little sycophant. He suddenly pulled on his trouser legs

Legend of the Great Saint Book 1, Chapter 18   “Then I’m not very different from ordinary martial artists?” “Of course there are differences. Ordinary people have bodies that easily become weak and are hard to restore. If they eat too much ginseng, it will not only n

Dragoon 28: The Sword Idiot and the Dragon Idiot   Steadily winning its way through, Rudel’s class was to go against Eunius’ in the semi-finals. In their block with nothing but strong foes, by the time they reached the semi-finals, both sides were in tatters. In truth, Eunius

Chapter 20: Stunning Talent, Different than the First Kiss   Ye Jing Yu was also completely stupefied, when she rescued Lanling, she felt that he was a very vulgar plebeian, completely reluctant to impersonate Suo Lun, but who would expect he be so dazzling,  so……..elegant.

Isekai Gakkyuu – Volume 1: Chapter 1   1st July – “My class is the only one”   “There are many strange guys in our class.” You should have heard such a phrase once or twice. But usually, once you actually try to meet them, it’s not as bi

Chapter 64: Provocation The desire for wealth had crossed the flow of time and ages as the power of money was the main drive that composed the sonata of desires in a human’s heart. People might say that everyone was born equal, but once one had achieved a certain level in life, they would com

Chapter 65: Condition   Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical was a leading major enterprise in Star City and its main business was the medical industry. It was one of the best companies in the medical business nationwide. Chen Zhizhong was the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s big boss with asse

Chapter 66: Half Master   Chen Zhizhong’s pupil shrunk as his pupils turned into saucers. The acute pain made his vision darken, and he almost fainted and fell to the floor. He was confused and didn’t understand. Tang Xiu said that he would treat and cure him. But why did he attac

Chapter 67: Conversation Skills   Tang Xiu’s complexion turned cold. With an aloof and indifferent expression, he looked at Chen Zhizhong, who was kneeling in front of him. In his view, even if Chen Zhizhong were to worship him as a master, he wouldn’t have great achievements in h

Chapter 68: Being Tracked   Tang Xiu liked to be able to feel the hunger sensation which made him feel the smell of fire and smoke. He also recalled the time when he was still in the Immortal World as he usually didn’t need to eat, and only ate exotic rare fruits whenever he wanted to e

Chapter 464: Stunning Four Seats with One Point Obviously, these guards weren’t at too high a level. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be stationed at the door. Most of them were at the sky spirit or spirit king level, placing them at the same level as most of the core disciple followers.. They

Chapter 463 – Hornless Dragon levelled up to a Divine Beast Translated by: crayon Edited by: Last TLCed by: Last As they moved on to the next step of cultivation, let alone Jiang Ying, even Yue Yang who was skilled in the Body Fusion process, was very serious. What Yue Yang wanted was not on

Chapter 7 – A Gu Master has 9 ranks, Flower Wine leaves behind treasure Soon a week passed. “Humans are above all creatures, Gu are the essence of heaven and earth. In this world there are thousands of species, countless number of Gu. They live everywhere aroun

Chapter 3, Part 1 Chapter 3 – The World of Children Diana waved at the car that began to move away from the house, and after it was no longer visible, she turned to Nodoka who was standing by her side. “Nodoka, at what time do you usually leave?” “Hmm, after about t

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 51: It appears that some people walk their dogs in giant beast forest “So this is the little bear you’re talking about?…” Mikoto let the ‘little bear’ in front of her display its claws and fangs to its satisfaction, she clenc

EPISODE 62 PLEASE ANSWER ABOUT YOUR MOTIVATION AND SELF-PR Once I returned to the mansion, I told everyone about the emperor’s suggestion. Everyone’s expressions turned weird. Everyone was worried whether their current lifestyle would have to change in the future. Even I want to maint

Chapter 726: End Only Xiao Yan’s cold voice slowly reverberated across this quiet sky. Countless numbers of Misty Cloud Sect disciples sighed in relief at this moment before immediately feeling sorrowful. Back then, the Misty Cloud Sect was so grand. It was unexpected that now, it had ended u

Chapter 725: The Fate of the Misty Cloud Sect Nalan Yanran was actually defeated by Xiao Yan after merely two or three exchanges. This was something that caused Nalan Yanran to feel shocked. Only at this moment did she completely believe that Yun Shan had truly been defeated by Xiao Yan’s han

Formal Visit      A fleet of vehicles slowly drove out of Wox City. Leylin turned to look at the city, a ruminating smile about his lips.    The Atlan Union’s operation had dealt a huge blow to both the Mobius Organisation and the Triserpent Sect.    As he had found the opponent’

Chapter 968: Badly Battered No one expected that Shui Ningshuang’s assessment would directly give an opportunity to everyone who was present. Just the thought of entering a Divine Lord’s herb garden to pluck herbs was exciting. About nine thousand warriors impatiently stood in front of

Chapter 145: Claire finally understood Eric’s hostile attitude a little. Eric thought she was supporting the second prince? “Many people are waiting to see which prince the Hill clan will support.” Claire let out a sigh. “It doesn’t matter. As long as no one harms m

Chapter 144: Just when Claire was in deep thought, a cold voice came from behind her. “Claire.” Claire did not look back. Of course she could tell who it was. It was the one who had always gazed at her disfavorably, Eric! “Oh? Is something the matter?” Claire asked indif

Chapter 1, Episode 26: Poison   Three sels (9 km) west of where Hiro is fighting on the battlefield, there are several large cliffs, and filling the wastelands within their shadows is an army of 20,000 strong. They are the Fourth Imperial Army of the Grantz Grand Empire, the nation which rei

Chapter 19: Ye Yin At the time when Ren Fengyao had ordered men to search along the river, Zi Yinye and Chun Ri traversed along the Raging River all the way to the border of Dongling and East Zhi. There, they followed Hua Jianli and journeyed non-stop, leaving Zi Yinye somewhat tired. Seeing her

Chapter 758 -  The Cancer in the Army That afternoon, we hit the streets of Hang Zhou.  Even though it was already getting close to the beginning of spring, it was still chilly outside. A lot of the girls out were wearing tights and a skirt to hide from the cold. Yan An street is pretty

Chapter 134: Conviction, putting one’s all into the fight  Madame Li’s mastery over her emotions was unparalleled, but Han Ruoxue was a different case. With her personality, she shouldn’t be so carefree! Han Yunxi’s eyebrows scrunched together as Madame Li took the chan

AST 677 – Grand Perfection Stage, Diamond Crossing Rivers Qing Shui didn’t know if he was considered a Beast Tamer himself, but from other people’s perspective, not only was he more than enough to be called a Beast Tamer, he was even a powerful one. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant

Chapter 32: Former knight resentes. “… Such difficult travel. ‘Refresh’ “ (T.N: ‘Refresh’ is skill name) Speak a word in a carriage. The spoken word transformed my magical power and caused the phenomenon as envisioned.  I am doing it a

Christmas Special After Story   The Small Santa-san of Nagumo Family   AN: This is not what you think. I only planned for around 5000 characters. But when I noticed it already passed 9 o’clock, when I noticed it already went 10000 characters. This is holy night after all, i

AGM 455 – Jun Yu Qin Wentian’s request for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan to battle, was actually because of the fact that despite his current strength, he was still helpless. Right now, although the hidden Azure Faction was already reunited, they only had Fairy Qingmei, a s

Defeat, Rank Ninety Six Priest Brothers   (TL by Bagelson)   The Haven Dou Imperial soldiers hesitating on whether to retreat had no choice but to advance once again as they heard the sound of the wardrums. Military orders are like the mountains, and martial law has no mercy on cold fe

ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, part 9   “―――” After I awake, I ―― notice it is Brünnhilde’s ego  active. What……our consciousness, suddenly changed…? Charlotte’s consciousness retracted deeply, and as a result I came out. It is true that wh

LOST SAGE CHAPTER 1-1   This world was made by the Ryujin. The meaning is the treasure of the dragon, and it’s coming. This world seems to live by such myths still, gods still thrive. It seems that ordinary people can&rs

VOLUME 9 CHAPTER 61: DON’T TELL ME THIS IS A SLEEPLESS NIGHT IN XINYE (1) Liu Bei POV Haa~ I gave a long yawn. It’s rather chilly at night here so I used all of the neatly folded blankets that I found beside the bed. By the way, I have always wondered why people in medieval shows

Chapter 446 - Where Is the Carriage Going?   Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr   Merely by glancing at that person in the crowd, Chen Changsheng's eyes grew somewhat sore. Only after the wind blew past and the curtain's descent cut off his line of sight did he no