Hidden Marriage Chapter 122: I’ll Support You For A Lifetime “Eh, CEO… CEO Lu…” Zhu Xiangcheng had just been hounding Ning Xi persistently, but now, his expression immediately turned stiff. However, he quickly adopted a flattering attitude, “Has CEO Lu also tak

Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges Xiao Yan completely relaxed after he had settled ‘Pan’s Gate’ properly. Since Xiao Li still needed some time to gather the helpers on his end, the completely relaxed Xiao Yan did not make a move to leave the Inner Academy. The news that Xiao Yan was abo

Chapter 668: Tranquil This battle, not surprisingly, became a topic that the people in the Inner Academy relished. The fight in the Fighting Arena that caused a countless number of people to be shocked ended in Xiao Yan’s perfect victory. Lin Xiuyan and Liu Qing were people whose names rever

Chapter 669: Fully Prepared “Bang!” The sudden loud sound of rolling-thunder appeared in the quiet mountain range that was covered in a dense, lush, green color, surprising a countless number of birds in the forest. The manner which those birds flapped their wings and flew high in the

Chapter 22: Courage and Madness I wonder, what am I even doing? “WaAAAAAA!” I’m running through the dungeon passages raising my pathetic yells. Swaying my heavy body. “GueRaaa!” From behind, I can hear the vulgar cries of Goma. And right now I’m running away

Volume 10 Chapter 39 – Elimination China year 2066 July 17th, the date of the arena fights. In the previous stage within the 100 worlds, there was no live broadcast. This led to the Ganwu universe country’s over 1.3 trillion star fields, with countless universe citizens being completel

Evil Emperors Wild Consort Chapter 135: Gu Ruoyun’s Trickery (4) Thinking of how the crown prince had called her a servant girl, Wei Yiyi was full of anger. She hated that she couldn’t stab that bastard in the chest a few times. At this moment, within a guest house, Old Man Gu cowered

Prologue 2: Hime and Hotaru   Why? Who knows, but the world seemed like it was ending. The sky was a color never seen before, and below it, two young girls were sitting on a bench out in the park. The park was quite close to the coast, so the two gazed out into the ocean. They were completel

The Reckless Trap Magician – Volume 1 Chapter 6 The next day. It was Bagiran’s loud voice that awaited me in the classroom. “Alright, everyone’s heerrreee!” Why are you so energetic, Sensei? It’s still morning. “Ah, my head….your voice is t

Chapter 468 Translated by: Berrrybunz Edited by: TN and DeAndreR Tang Tian’s body had become the rarely seen Zero Energy Body, but his martial spirit was still as pure. This was in everyone’s eyes, extremely unfathomable. Although until now, the martial artists had not come to

Chapter 469 – Do You Even Know How to Turn Translated by: Berrrybunz Edited by: TN and DeAndreR Maybe, I can use these energies! Tang Tian’s eyes became bright like the stars in the sky, that thought, gave him a trace of hope. Being suppressed by Feng Yue’s Moon Blade Cur

Chapter 98: Wings of Demon   Walking into the main hall, his parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, were there. Other than the two of them, in the main hall sat a young woman wearing a long pastel green dress. The young woman has creamy white skin, soft cherry blossom lips, and bright eyes that held

Chapter 205: Spirit Treasure Tower Lord Walking inside a mountain through flights of stairs made from old hard rocks… They had walked for a very long time and traversed countless steps. Eventually, the old guide stopped. “Tower Lord, they are here.” The old man bowed and said.

Chapter 62: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (2) Qin Zhi Ai had liked with Gu Yu Sheng on first sight. However, that night when she saw Gu Yu Sheng valiantly fighting for her sake, she could feel her heart thumping exceptionally hard. Still, it was a long long time later before she f

Chapter 30 — Wish that everyone in the new year can legally sleep with the one they want to sleep with. This…was probably a gift sent by Teacher Tang Zhi. Looking at the cute 「Punishment by Kneeling Washboard」, He Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He picked up his cell ph

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 69 “I want this pill furnace.” Baili Hongzhuang pointed at the silver pill furnace. Baili Yuyan’s smile instantly stiffened, the air around her turning angry. “Baili Hongzhaung, are you provoking me?” Baili Hongzhuang wasn&

Chapter 661: “To the Bottom of the Cliff (2)” “We’re here right below, Young Miss.” Ye Mei and Ye Sha said together. “What’s the situation down there?” Jun Wu Xie asked. With the help of her spirit power, Jun Wu Xie was able to relay her voice across

Chapter 35: Soul Swap Translator: EndlessFantasy Translations Editor: EndlessFantasy Translations Rody’s face felt a burning pain. He looked at Old Mark with frightened eyes. What just happened? He actually dared to hit me? On top of that, he succeeded? When Old Mark lifted his hand earlier,

Chapter 28 Suddenly both did not speak, the office was surprisingly quiet. Tang Qiang’s eyes blinked as he stared at Mo Zhen, as both of them tried to suppress the other through their gazes. But Mo Zhen was a man who could stare at a bright torch unblinkingly, so no surprise, this war was w

Reincarnator - Chapter 269 : Underground (3) “Fucking hell. There’s nothing to see.” The players started to leave one by one after a long period of curiously staring at the mysterious letters. This damned thing didn’t have an entrance anywhere. Even if it did, they would

Chapter 284: Meet Again Translator: Rain Editor: Arch Nobody dared to eavesdrop Ye Xiao’s talk because they didn’t want to mess with the House of the Chaotic Storm. In fact, it wasn’t easy for them to do so anyway, because the space around the Sky No. 1 Room was blocked. The crowd

Chapter 46: Charm of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: Desmond While Yuan Zhou was carefully scooping up the jam, he realized something odd. After standing still and thinking for a second, he decided to try again later to confirm his assumptions. It was quite easy to place

Chapter 90: Examination Hall Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Frappe "You..." It was one thing if she didn't hear those words. Now, upon hearing these words, Wen Xue felt as though someone was beating on her chest and she was on the verge of erupting. [Hitting on me? I will tolerate i

Chapter 89: College Entrance Examination Champion! Translator: Ash Editor: Geoffrey That night, Li Yao, in deep slumber, slept soundly without a single wisp of a dream. Once he fell asleep, only at dawn did he finally open his eyes again. In contrast, in several other places in Floating Spear City,

Chapter 34 Horus’ Wrath (Part 1) Amon didn’t explain to Lynk where he had gone the day before. It was too complicated, and it was better to keep some privacy. Amon asked Lynk if there were any marshes or pools in the nearby iron-rich areas, so that the Ironbacks could find a new home.

Reincarnator - Chapter 268 : Underground (2) Tiamet looked back at Jang Oh expressionlessly. “I understand that you didn’t forget the fact that we’re taking care of you outsiders. Well, shall we call what we have a contract, like how you guys call it?” Jang Oh made a bitte

Chapter 238 – Escaping a Calamity (2) In order to express its goodwill, the little qilin once again spoke, “I’m very loyal to Big Sister. You saw it wanted to lure me with its fruits, but I refused…” “In the future, call her master!” Jiu Zun corrected how

Chapter 42 Dragon Girl Meets Girly Boy Let’s calm down. First I must keep my composure. Maybe I heard wrongly. There’s no doubt that I heard wrongly. “O, once more, please.” “I said, I’m a man.” What the heck, I did not hear wrongly. “My real

Large Crisis   Naturally, this female Magus was Tanasha. As a Crystal Phase Magus from the Forgotten Land, she had a sensitive identity and served as Leylin’s hidden force. Tanasha also participated secretly in several battles. As soon as he’d noticed the sudden change in the Par

Chapter 54: The Best Thief Under Heaven   An Suwen’s hands held a copy of “The Testament of the Zhu”1 as she passed through the corridor, stopping when she arrived at the courtyard behind the house. Two people were swiftly flitting about within the middle of the court

SG! 09: War Council (1) “…and there you have it.” A little later, after having breakfast — a fancy one, of course — with everyone, I brought the three of us to my room and gave them a simple explanation of my exchange and agreement with Leon. “I understan

Protection and Information (Part 2)   After laughing lightly, I turned my eyes towards Rose. “I’ll leave Kato-san to you.” “Understood.” Both Rose holding Kato-san; and Gerbera watching over the two, disappeared back into the forest. Only Lily, Ayame and me p

Chapter 503: Prime Ominous Grave’s Opening Some cultivators shuddered once they saw Li Qiye walking towards the huge monolith. They quickly told the seniors of their sects: “He is about to open the Prime Ominous Grave!” Everyone knew that the key was in his hands, so seeing Li Qi

Chapter 273 – Shi Ziteng “I’ve returned. It’s been a while, grandfather, have you been well? Allow me to pay my respects.” A person walked over from the curtain of rain with unhurried and steady steps. There was no light or protection symbols around him, yet not a

Chapter 131 – Bloody Reunion   The Dimensional Domain of Alandal was developing quickly as each day passed. When the territory taken from Liah was added, Alandal’s size had increased by 10%.  Moreover, the Mercenary guild and the Goblin Research Facility was put in place. W

Chapter 400 – Xu Liguo Wang Lin took a deep breath and gently threw a punch. Although the punch was gentle, it moved the ancient god figure behind him. The figure also raised its fist and threw out a punch at the same time. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s fist quickly arrived and colli

Chapter 129: Messengers   This loud roar stopped Tang Zheng mid-step, as a blast of wind smacked against Tang Zheng’s back resembling the biting wind from a blizzard. His hair stood on edge, as his entire body quivered and he retaliated by sending a slash. In this environment, he abso

Ye Qian didn't fully understand Wang De Shen's character, after all they had only ever met twice. Perhaps Wang De Shen wanted to do this to gain some sort of benefit for himself. But to form an alliance with Wang De Shen would do no harm to the Wolf Fang, in fact it would yield them a enormo

Chapter 210 -  Fear TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney Liu Gan didn’t head in the direction straight back to the hotel but rather he took a path that was diagonal leading to another direction. After ten minutes of top speed running, Liu Gan confirmed that the corpse tide hadn’t followed

  Chapter 932: Five Factions   Luo Huo’er’s words were infused with Yuan Qi, so although she spoke softly, it was extremely penetrating. Ye Yi’s swordlike eyebrows pricked up. “Interesting. You are right. There is no need for a reason for inferior warriors to be