Goal accomplished. Everything had gone smoothly, just as he expected. If it had not proceeded as expected, he might begin to doubt his powers of clear vision. The day Long Yin requested Lin Xiao and him to compete in painting, he presented a painting. Long Yin wanted them to compete with the flute,

Xu Ya Ying wasn’t lying, sure enough she presented them with the recording of Zhao Xie’s murder at the hands of Ouyang Tian Ming. Ye Qiandid not make things difficult for her. After they got the tape, he and Li Wei immediately left her house. Ye Qian had no inter

Book 7 Chapter 4: Wansee Continent (2) Where Lun spots were abundant, there were passages specially designed for easy transport of goods. Even mortals could use them, but opening the Lun spot must be left to practitioners, at least a Milun master. These passages were limited to only go one pla

Book 7 Chapter 3: Wansee Continent A total of three lightning balls as well as a lightning bolt were summoned, the lightning bolt arriving before the lightning balls. The fastest attacks of practitioners belonged firstly to the light element, and secondly the lightning element. As long as one was t

Chapter 138 : Battle at the Brothel (1) The Three Mysterious Gate was a large immortal gate with more than ten thousand followers; the amount of experts were as numerous as the clouds. It was under the Ji Clan’s banner and was on equal footing with the city lord of Fire Beacon City. Luo Lin

AST 280 Marrying Both Ladies Together? Heavenly Palace’s Nine Halls   A majestic lady, standing aloof from the world; a beauty who transcends the world and whose beauty could bring the fall of countries and cities!   “Elder Fei!” From them, a tall young lady walked ou

Chapter 53 – Topic   Jookjun Station’s 3rd exit. “Doesn’t this mean it’s safe if the barrier is gone? We received an official request to come help here. The Alandal guild members have the right to pass through. Please let us in.” “B…but.&rdquo

Chapter 675: Battling Shen Tu Patriarch After Yi Yun flew out, Lin Xintong  followed closely behind. Below the cliffs of Greatsword Mountain, a mist lingered, making it seem like a immortal's paradise. As the Yi Yun and Lin Xintong shuttled through the mist in the form of black and white

Epilogue 1 – Part 1 Xiao He He never like reading as she was growing up. But Zheng Xie really like reading, so he had required He He to like reading as well. When he went to buy books, he always buy a few books for He He. This is not only it. He often asked her to review the book as well as

Episode 10 – Day Prior Preliminary Well then, a lot-lot of things happened, and two weeks after that, the communication familiar which I left behind for Asmina returned with a letter. It said that the clan council’s decision was that my observation of the matches was permitted

Chapter 217: Sword Art As for the divine ability upon completion of the last three layers of the sword art, it was the “Sword Shadow Splitting Light” technique; the prerequisite to cultivating it was the possession of a flying sword magic treasure. Of course, flying sabers were also acc

Chapter 55 Magician Girl’s Tournament In the middle of a quiet garden, where there were songs of birds and sweet scent of flowers, ‘sa sa’ noises were created from the wind brushing against the trees. The sun shining on the trees created patches of shadows on the ground. In the mi

Chapter 38 – Tempest of the Sealed Chamber (“▔□▔) Tong Nian stared at that password, and after piecing it together more than ten times and confirming that it indeed was his name written out in pinyin, she excitedly hugged her phone to herself. She did not know how she should reply

VOLUME 7 CHAPTER 30: DON’T TELL ME THIS IS A MEETING WITH LIU BIAO (2) Liu Bei POV Presently, I was in Liu Biao’s residence in Jiangxia city. There were no other generals around. Liu Biao’s were not around, nor were mine. “Serve tea.” Liu Biao had a leisurely e

Chapter 39: Slightly Big Intruder Since then my house has grown a little more. In both height and width, it has slowly grown. It’s at least 30 meters tall. Well to improve the stability the lower floors were enlarged and it was remodeled to look a little like a castle, I tried various thing

Chapter 674: Refusal Yi Yun was surprised with the Blood Moon Alliance Leader's death. He could not immediately figure out the oddity that pervaded the matter, but he was sure that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. And at this point, Yi Yun no longer had much time to think furth

Chapter 1030: Su Yan! It was true that the spirit-immortal stones were treasures, and that he didn’t have an endless supply. He only had… about a million of them. As soon as the beetle-form young woman spit out the mist and backed up to avoid the incoming beetles, Meng Hao laughed col

Chapter 1029: You’re the Insect Demon! Almost in the same instant that Meng Hao’s roar echoed out… because of its incredible similarity to the actual call of the black beetles, the dazed black beetles in the smoke suddenly awakened and began to join him in roaring. “Curses

Chapter 5: During The Journey: The Tale Of Two Men With An Undecided Match   Part 1 As I flew above the gentle grasslands with my broom, the sounds of wind gently brushing the flowers reached my ears. The moderately warm sunlight and fresh wind was a pleasant combination, so much that I want

Chapter 87 – Sulgata’s Boots Nie Yan picked up the wooden case and carefully removed the lid. Almost immediately, like the rolling tides, swells of magical energy began diffusing into the expanse of the tomb. The source of such a phenomenon was a shimmering pair of fine boots situated q

Chapter 28- Becoming An Apprentice To A Master Part 1 “Yes, Grandmaster Wu Yu.” Yi Xu took out the Return of Spring Pill and respectfully walked up to stop in front of Wu Yu. The initially calm appearance on Wu Yu’s old face changed drastically. His entire body seemed to be expe

CHAPTER 71 – FAINT   Early morning. On the excessively spacious practise field of the soldiers, located in the outskirts of the capital, the knights, with exception of those on public order duty, gathered. The figures of Royal Knight Order Captain Sabnak, Knight Order Captain Lotomago a

Chapter 118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family!   “Qin Lie! How dare you barge into the Du Family to commit murder. You will not come out of this alive!” Du Fei exclaimed harshly, but he did not dare to actually go close to Qin Lie. Instead, he escaped outside to call other Du Famil

Chapter 504 – Tempering Marrow Large Success … … … Because it had been doused in scorching flames, the golden liquid was already at an extremely high temperature. After Lin Ming entered, he felt as if he had jumped into a stove and all of his skin was being roasted. Ho

Volume 4 / Chapter 111 TL: LightNovelCafe   “Refreshing.” Violet leaned on the sewer wall and sat on the ground. Her sensual figure shows through the impact tights stuck to her body. Her face is also a work of art. When exposed to light, her eyes are a dreamy purple. Unless d

Volume 4 / Chapter 110 TL: LightNovelCafe     Cha Jun Sung’s group looks over a small town from a high hill. It looks like a place where only dozens of people live. Something is roaring from within it. Whenever it yells, it becomes quiet everywhere. Everything is scared of this

Chapter 128 – Burial   The power of the Water of Heaven exceeded everything that he had imagined. His body was being torn apart and healed at a rapid pace. An ordinary imperial fighter wouldn’t be able to withstand the strain put on the body, but the Body of All Creations&nbs

Chapter 171 A Woman’s Jealousy   “What?” Liu Yi blinked his eyes and said, “What a joke! I am Li Biyue’s brother!” “Pei!” Unexpectedly, this girl Leng Mo sternly said. “Everyone knows Li Biyue’s brother has already died a long

Chapter 19 - The God's Wrath And Thus The God's Privilege   Renya with quick step approach the two girls then he scatter some kind of shining powder from his right hand to the both of them. The two girls’ body got plastered all over by that shining powder shines dimly in the d

Chapter 351: Nearby Person—Water Lotus Moon! Afternoon. It was already 3PM. No matter how long he waited and waited, the Red String of Fate did not seem to have taken effect! Oh? It can't be? Why was there no effect this time? Zhang Ye had waited for so long, that even the

CHAPTER 5: EXAM SIMULATION OCTOBER 21, 2016 / SDEEVINSOO As students were currently cramming for the college entrance exams, any courses that should have been taken had already been completed long ago. These last hundred days were primarily for filling up gaps and taking all sorts o

V3 Chapter 20 Translator: Silver  Editor: Namorax 「Thanks Ninja Chiome」 The Holy Leburan Empire city of Kesseck was right in front of us. With the mountain range extending towards the northwest, the straight and plain surface of the tall walls projected the impression of a rather sturdy ci

V3 Chapter 19 Namo-Note: Hi everyone, got another change I wanted to announce. Some of you might’ve noticed that a certain Dorassos had been mentioned in chapter 16. One of our readers used the comments to point this name out as a typo, and it was changed back into Drusus shortly afterwards.

Five Way Heaven 36 Previous Chapter | Project Page | Next Chapter Chapter 36: Nightmare “I never expected that Classmate Duanmu would be that awesome!” “Yeah. He’s such an upstanding person, to willingly stay in Interpine Institute. With this kind of

Chapter 127 – Devouring the Water of Heaven     In front of the hall, stood a woman in white robe which was covered in blood and she was clearly wounded. She was beautiful, but her eyes looked sad. Her face was pale, her black hair was untied, there was a small dot was on her fore

Chapter 79 – Fire Lance Translated by Sunyancai   When Shao Xuan came down from that tree, he was immediately surrounded by the others, for all of them had heard Ta’s words. “Is this the seedling of the Green Thief?” Tuo had sparkling eyes, and stared still at t

Chapter 126 – The Water Palace   “This must be it, the Water of Heaven!” Greed was excited, “If you can devour it and refine it with your kidneys, you’ll become much more powerful. It’d be great if you can collect a treasure for each element: water, fire, g

Reincarnator - Chapter 214 : Gael-Tara (7)   Ooooooong! “What? Why isn’t it moving?” Kel-Durin frowned as he looked at the Gael-Tara in the distance. Why did the monster, which should be moving to his will and destroying the Satellite Fortresses, suddenly stop? ‘Mo

Chapter 41: New Battle Technique: Flaming Awn  After returning to his wooden hut, Chu Mu could finally go to sleep. Nightmare Palace’s rules meant that as long as one could survive this sort of competition while simultaneously not being devoured by the Nightmare, he would then hav

Reincarnator - Chapter 213 : Gael-Tara (6)   ‘Until the end huh.’ Hansoo clicked his tongue towards Metiron who had let go of all the controls and then placed his hand upon the heart of Metiron. Kiiiiing The thing that had remained as a symbol inside Metiron’s heart slowl