Refusing To Serve Me? Then Off With Your Head – Chapter 14 [S] Chapter 14     While I was being deceived into thinking that the snooping Feng Zhao was there for the peaceful relationship of our two countries and send him off, Yan Ping turned around first and ignored me, leaving m

Chapter 302: The best protector The nine rookies became Shi Xiaobai’s final line of defense. Feng Yuanlin looked at Pulp Farmer and company as he exclaimed, “I never expected that the bunch of you would stay behind.” With the black-robed youth returning after his resurrection, h

Chapter 7 I just tried to translate one chapter. Hope you like :) On the morning of the day I headed to the royal palace to participate in the ball, I paid a visit to Mishuly's room. It was common for me to go to the room of Mishuly, and nobody was around in the building at the moment. We use

Chapter 3: Viperwolf Translated by: Chua Edited by: TN and Elkassar Contestant no.1018, you and your party have received a battle side mission: ‘Footing’ . Mission summary: The transport shuttle Valkyrie is your only means of contact with civilization. Therefore, no matter what, you

GOR Chapter 304 Enraged Roddy Little town! Home? Zero City? Chen Xiaolian’s mind was caught in a whirlpool of confusion. This discovery had shaken everything that he had come to know! Tell Bai Qi and Mr San… “We were wrong?” What kind of words is that? What does that

CHAPTER 64: GOING TO THE TOWN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE (LENGTH OF VISIT AS YOU’D EXPECT) Late at night, Dianeia had finally calmed down. Her face was red as she sat on the ground in seiza (kneeling with knees bent and feet under your butt) 「I’m sorry. I was confused…..plea

Chapter 930: Eternal Eventide Sea As the date of Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge loomed, all the Luo clan royal capital’s hotels and motels were filled to the brim with people. People could not even obtain a room despite the amount of currency they had. It ended up with many warriors meditating

Book 25, Novessence Thunder, Chapter 9 – The Badlands Court “An estate-world?” Ning was rather startled. He had already bound the painting to himself, but he had yet to discover any estate-world hidden inside of it. Daolord Solesky began to laugh when he saw the look Ning’s

Book 25, Novessence Thunder, Chapter 10 – An Avatar When the cultivators of the Badlands Court saw these two emerge, they all felt quite proud. See? Daolord Badlands of our Badlands Court is also capable of flying in this everworld! “Daolord Badlands really lives up to his reputat

Chapter 146 One versus One | Butler! (1) Ten salvos of concentrated firing from the Consolidated Bows later, the notorious Swift Wolf Regiment that struck fear in the northern borders, had suffered an unprecedented blow. Before they had even started fighting with their enemies, they had already los

Murdering Heaven Edge Chapter 172 - Smash it! Translator: PurpleNails Editor: Dedition BANG! That thirty feet wide giant boulder was thrown ferociously towards Hua Quan Niu.   “Scram!” Hua Quan Niu roared thunderously. Along with his roar, a powerful force directly stroked a

Chapter 96 – Medical Treatment   Volsung, who discovered Onnes bloody and collapsed on the ground as soon as he got descended to the basement, rushed to his side. 「Oi! You alright!?」 After confirming that there are no dangers, he lowered Dirkhert from his arms. He confirms the wounds.

Book 7 Chapter 37 Selection When Teng Qingshan saw the young man hanging his head dispiritedly, he said, “After we hire the coachman, we still need some top-notch Hunchbacked Beast. You will definitely get your share of benefits.” “Alrighty!” The young man exclaimed as he b

LSG Chapter 0285 translated by Berrrybunz Mandate of Heaven Key Although the Engraved Dragon Blade’s grade was low, with the support of the Monarch Occult Force, the sword blade’s surface layer was wrapped with layers upon layers of Profound Spirit Qi, becoming surprisingly sharp, an

CHAPTER 5: REBELLION OF DESPAIR – PART 2 Olivia walked for a long time. She was walking so slowly she would seem like she stopped in place for people like Volken and Hamyuts, but she still kept walking. Several sounds echoed within the woods. Stopping in place and looking around, she co

Book 1: The Storm is Coming Chapter 20   There was only the clicking sound of keyboards. Everyone kept an extremely high APM, their screens rapidly switching from scene to scene.  They maintained about 300 - 400 actions on the keyboard at high speeds every minute. This was a free-for

Chapter 787 – A Stipulation of Ten Moves … … … Battle was inevitable. Yang Yun stood at the center of the Nine Flower Lake’s jade pavilion, his clothes fluttering in the wind as he said with a calm expression, “Must you really fight?” “Humph,

Chapter 437: One Point, One Palm. Astounding His Opponents This point encompassed the strongest power of fire essence that Jiang Chen currently possessed. He’d absorbed the Fire Raven King’s core, assimilated another two caverns worth of fire essence spirit veins, and now had refined th

「Hey, Kousuke. Is this the place you want to take me to?」 「Yeah, this place.」 The gaze of Emily who couldn’t hide her perplexity was wandering around without any calm. That was reasonable. The place Kousuke brought her to with fast pace after the call from Vanessa――was a hospital. The quest

Chapter 11 Mr Huang Sa (Heroes Prison) However, he did not have ability to manage Heroes Prison. The book only allowed him to summon the entrance, and was useless in unlocking the prison cell. If he wanted to do so, he had to personally obtain the relevant key in the stone chamber. Huang Yi tossed

Chapter 25 Coordination (Part 2) (Survival Game) Chang Feng looked at the bottle of medicine that Xia Mo passed to him, he couldn’t help but sigh, and with some helplessness in his question,” Liu Huo, do you know what you are doing?” “Rubbing salt into your wounds,” X

Episode 74 Operation Start Seiya and Bagil concluded their business and went out of the conference room where the others were waiting for them. 「Seiya……」 Yua anxiously looked at Seiya. Towards such a Yua, Seiya told her the plan of action. 「We are to form the advance party for

Chapter 91 – Black Market Ninth Shopping (2) Sungjin headed towards the southern part of the market. ‘It was around here…’ While he was walking ‘Clang! Clang!’ He could hear the hammer banging away at the anvil. Sungjin headed towards the sound. Soon the fur

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 150-2: Winning money and apology   Li Muhua blushed, he coughed a few times, then said, “Erm… I’m just worried that the relationship between the two of you would go bad, that wouldn’t be beneficial to our future talks. However, I wil

Chapter 102: Interrogation, fiendish tactics  Han Yunxi thought that the guard would toss the female prisoner into the iron cage and let the carnivorous rat gnaw on her, but the reality was beyond her expectations. Even the prisoner herself didn’t foresee this! The guard held her t

AST 603 – Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (1) Qing Shui could almost see that Red-Lined Snake when he took another glance. At that moment, he had unconsciously entered the dream among the sea of flowers that he had never visited again in the last few years. Qing Shui

Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme Wang Chong shook his head and sent a consoling gaze to Wei Hao. He never did thing rashly. Even though a daily 2% interest rate sounded like an exorbitant sum, as long as he was able to take down the right to distribution for the Hyderabad ores, everything else wa

AGM 409 – Disregard The one standing right in front of the other group was naturally the clan lord of Li Clan, Li Zhentian. The gaze of this man was filled with extreme sharpness as he turned it in the direction of Zong Yi. His gaze also took in the doyens, the elders, as well as the person b

Chapter 44 Expert of Destruction Since this was for the sake of clearing the dungeon Ye Ci wasn’t petty about it. She wasn’t holding any grudges about what had happened just now either. She looked at Crimson Millions and thought for a moment before speaking. “Do you realize that

Arrival The second day of guarding request, different from the first day, today there were many magical beasts appeared. Not a forest, we were passing through a rocky mountain with so many rocky area, the magical beasts that appeared there weren’t insect type, but a numerous monkey-type and

Chapter 412 Father and Son (I)   Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr   As they saw the sword glows soar up to the sky from the peaks of Mount Li, Xiao Songgong's expression underwent a massive transformation while the two Discipline Hall elders turned grim. That Elder

Before long… the car arrived at Yukino’s house. It’s a three story house in a high-class residential area. White walls and blue roof…is the first floor a garage? The second floor terrace is wide, it looks like a garden. It’s quite a mansion… As expected of a di

Chapter 60: The Scholar, Hui Shi The market’s old man sure had some long arms alright, having the responsibilities of guarding the door, appraising items and issuing quest rewards… Right now, the streets were still pretty chaotic, and Yue Qiang invited the scholar into a shop to drink

Chapter 61: That Old Man Again After sending off the scholar Hui Shi, Yue Qiang was ready to discuss with Yin about the peculiar traits of the scholar. After all, they should be able to glean a lot of information from this discussion. However, the situation had changed, and yet another group of sol

Chapter 16: Training Like a Madman Translator: Kazeyuki Editor: Jimmy After a night of shopping in River County, Qin Wushuang was prepared to go back to his hometown early in the next morning. Then, he would train with all his strength to build a foundation for the "Family Class Evaluation

Chapter 17: Falling Short Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations Two hours later, Mo Wuji's anticipation gradually dwindled. Even though the solution did expand one of his meridians, the expansion ceased after two hours. The burning sensation disappeared, indicating the l

Chapter 33: Teaching one’s daughter   Li Wei Yang held out a strip of paper and on it was written: Have something urgent to discuss, secret, come promptly.   It was the original strip of paper, but with the sender added on, Xian Hui. Li Wei Yang faintly smiled and said: “T

Chapter 13: The Sound of a Sudden Change         Roll and I woke up before the alarm rang at 7 o’clock. We both woke up in good spirits. It was a great afternoon nap.   I looked outside the window and realized that the sun was about to set soon from the dim li

Felicitas Settlement   The flickering candlelight illuminated Lorist's furrowed brow. Before him stood Belnick, Pajik and a voluptuous young woman who held a two-year-old boy in her bosom. The child had just awoken and was looking around with his two wide, round eyes. That woman and chi

Chapter 8-1 Following those episodes, being conquered by fever and having to rest peacefully for total ten days, in entirety of Mary Albert’s life was the greatest blemish she’d ever taken. Who’s the guilty party responsible for her illness? The culprit was evident, ‘a vast