「「Ukyaa~」」 『Wafu~』『Gau~』 The next day after arriving in the town of Bailey. I brought Allen and Elena to an unpopular coast. I had remembered that when we arrived at the sea, we have immediately met with Mirena-san and went to the mermaid village, so we couldn’t thoroughly enjoy the beach. A

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 17 “First, you place five pieces of red square paper, about 10x10cm, on top of each other. Then, you fold the paper at 1cm intervals so it ends up looking like the folds you would find in a fan. Once the paper has been folded into a long rod-like sh

hapter 64: Kill Me! Yuan Yi did not move, instead, she looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang and said coldly: “Then just kill me now. If you’re afraid of making the bed dirty, you can do it outside. Brother Long would not blame you!” Zhang Xiao Qiang’s expression turned steely and he

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 19 FEBRUARY 27, 2017 ~ RHEA It’s too late to avoid an already fired off breath that’s quite large in range. Souta’s body is engulfed. A dragon is a strong monster, and it will lower its guard because there’s no way a puny human could

Chapter 259 “hot potato” (part one) Looks like the injury on this Green Hat wasn’t light. After returning to the Duke’s Manor, Du Wei immediately searched for a clean room in the castle’s cellar. This was Gandalf’s request. He asked for a room without any poss

apter 62 - Those who Follow the Prophecy (1)   1 The Plain of Darkness was located north of the continent. There was a magical barrier placed there that disallowed humans from getting close.  Even in the past, it was place of brutal coldness.  There were dragons, who weren't f

{…for this unfortunate incident, LAPD is prioritizing the safety of Noah Raycarlton and Haley Lusk, who are held as hostages….} {The negotiating team is in the middle of trying to contact the abductors but…} {…We don’t know why Haley Lusk suddenly ran to the capt

AMaku Yasashii sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 16 “How are you feeling Master Doyle?”(Ballad) As soon as our eyes meet, I get another question about my body. I sigh and tell Ballad again. “ . . . Ballad, I am fine. It has been two week since then. How can I not be fine? I did not s

pter 2 :The Pair of Eyes That Shouldn’t been Able to Possess. In regard of Mystic Eye of Death Perception, as someone who shut himself at home, Fang Li didn’t feel unfamiliar about it. Indeed it’s a special ability that come from TYPE-MOON series “Tsukihime” and &ldqu

Chapter 1: The Busy Patient Part 1—The Missing Classmate—translated by Raylight (proofread by EvlNabiki & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia) Huff…Puff… He kept running, panting until he was out of breath. However, he was ultimately unable to shake off the thing tha

Chapter 568 - This Is a Strong Tank The ninth boss battle in Tomb in the Sky took place in water. The majority of players were not accustomed to aquatic battles. Due to this reason alone, Tomb in the Sky’s ninth boss was considered even more difficult than the final boss. Fighting a boss i

The Great Grass Field (2) There were various methods to threaten people. Such as magic on a tremendous scale that would cause them to piss themselves. However, Ian chose to ‘conjure a spirit’.   “S, spirit…..”   The reason was simple. His opponent con

“It’s really amazing. Really.” He lost count of how many times he had said amazing. Now Roan just simply smiled. At the sight of this, Ian Phillips, who had been fussing about, became even more excited. “During the monster outbreak, the only place that had taken no damage w

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 15   The selection match between me and Master Doyle ended with His Highness giving a shocking blow to Master Doyle’s head. His Highness Gray presided over the closing ceremony of the Selection Matches. The ceremony ended, and Master Doyle, wh

Book 7: Chapter 58 – True Meaning of Mirage Hua— Xue Ying could see through the essence of nature to discern that behind the real world… there was a corresponding mirage. They were like two scenes sharing a single source! The Mirage represented the pinnacle of illusions. Grasp

Volume 1, Chapter 4: Being Teased TL: flarewk "Jian ge, teell me a story~~" Xiao Ling laid on the bed; as I had followed her earlier into her bedroom. (TL: no, it isn't a typo for her name, the MC had began to call her more intimately, it is a "Xiao" appendix used in fron

Chapter 306: Boldness Qin Lie proudly walked toward the outside. No one dared to stop him. The Ling Family clansmen followed behind him with bright eyes and respectful expressions. Song Tingyu, who was also behind him, looked at him in shock. Her expression was slightly strange. The procession

hapter 151 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am the Fastest! (Part II) A kilometer away, a total of four Knights were dashing towards where Fang Xingjian was. Rota was in the lead with her silver-colored spear, her expression determined. In order not to be affected during battle, she tied up her long, si

apter 749 – Unwilling Defeat “Sigh…” Yun Che shook his head and extended a hand towards Fen Juechen. He did not do it to deliver the final blow, but to release the energy of heaven and earth that he had stored up quite a while ago, as he transferred it into Fen Juechen&rsqu

Chapter 118: To Stir    “The reason I want to gift you with a house is that I need your assistance.” Fang Chongguo decided that real men don’t beat around the bush. Hence, he decided to be straightforward. It was just as Tang Zheng expected hence he asked: “What

To find happiness   “Alice was taken… who?” “That is…….Blake-sama…” “- What! That guy came here?” “He had asked me a short while ago when you’d be away. It seems his objective from the beginning was Alice.&rdqu

hapter 305: Wild Arrogance! “Qin Lie! You!” When Feng Rong rushed to Qin Lie’s side, Ying Xingran’s head had already exploded. The faces of the three great reverends were splashed with the fresh blood. They stood where they were, transfixed with fear and afraid to move even

Chapter 422: Snow-shadow Tribe Li Qiye was in a diner inside Crossing City. Next to him was a table with more than ten people; there were men and women both young and old. “Haha, this time, maybe we will find the legendary mountain at Necropolis. Then, our Snow-shadow Ghost Tribe will rise!&

Chapter 421: Necropolis Li Qiye reminisced a bit as he stood on top of a high mountain while gazing at this monstrous obelisk that towered into the sky. He needed a key to enter the Prime Ominous Grave. His gaze then shifted towards a different direction amidst the rolling mountain ranges beyond t

Chapter 420: On The Road Once More This new development happened too suddenly and differed from Li Qiye’s expectations. Originally, he wanted to go to the island after the mist consumed enough blood. Li Qiye had plenty of methods; as long as he could get on the island, he would have been able

hapter 27 Customer Service No.094 Just when Ye Ci was busy dissecting the Sandstorm Scorpion, a lvl 1 human smurf suddenly appeared three meters in front of her. After logging in, the first thing he did was to turn around and survey his surroundings. It was after confirming his coordinates did he n

hapter 28  Peacock Blue  When a person was reborned 10 years back into the past, what would he or she do? Studies speculated that it was to make investments in…things.   Things like property, the stock market, and… Pork….  Ye Ci was no exception to such be

hapter 29 A Citizen of Red Lake City  Individualism.  No teamwork.  Ye Ci was reminded of her last life. She was always alone and she never accepted any friendship.  As a result, she was rejected by everyone. Even if Steel-Blooded Battle Axe was not something she wanted, she

hapter 30 Substitutes The system message naturally did not have the shock value of something like First Blood. Not many people lamented over it. However, to Ye Ci, it carried a different meaning. “You are the first outsider to join our Red Lake City. I will definitely reward you well.&rdquo

GFS Chapter 34 [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 34: The amount of amusement is more than the fun one had in their teenage years! “You haven’t come for quite a while. You’re only eating egg fried rice for today?&rdquo

Chapter 208 – The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (1) Inside the dark abyss, a little bit of light could be quite glaring. Ning Xuemo shut her eyes by reflex but promptly opened them. Then, she turned her body to face the two lanterns. The lanterns were the size of a common palace lantern,

Chapter 207 – Test Subject (2) ‘Crazy Bastard!’ With a fire burning in her chest, she made use of both her arms to resurface. Scanning her surroundings, no matter where she turned, the world was blanketed in darkness, preventing her from seeing anything. At first, Ning Xuemo tho

Chapter 206 – Test Subject (1) “Hmph!” A white light shot out from her back and attacked that thing. It let out a shriek as its body emitted white smoke, and then it vanished without a trace. ‘Did it explode or did it escape?’ The idea only passed through her mind. R

Chapter 205 – Look at this! Darling, It Scared Me to Death! Immediately, Ning Xuemo responded to his instructions. When she began falling, she was far away from the cliff’s wall. However, at this moment, she had enough distance to put her foot on the mirror-like stone wall by inclining

Chapter 16: Speaking Incoherently — What do you mean, because I like men??   When the several aunties’ distinct complexions fell, Jian Yan pulled her mom to leave. Walking upstairs, Jian Yan’s mom couldn’t help but ask her, “Look at the way you spoke to them jus

hat had attracted Yun Cang Hai’s attention was actually just one of Yun Sheng’s weeding actions. During this season of the year, most of Jiao Ye Village’s herbal fields were just planted with Sophora Seeds not too long ago. Yun family’s herbal field was also like the rest o

The village leader’s home wasn’t far from the Yun family’s at all. You just needed to by pass two small hills to arrive to his home. With Yun Sheng’s recent improvement in strengh, it had only took her a quarter of an hour before she saw the village leader’s house. Wh

The Magic Cannon itself wasn’t too bizarre looking. Its silver shell gave it a retro appearance similar to cannons from the industrial era. The only difference being a lack of an ignition fuse. Instead, where the fuse would be located was replaced with a silver box.   However, the trans

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 13 Previous Chapter | Project Page | Next Chapter “Shopkeeper, this spirit star grass is only a single silver coin?” Baili Huangzhuang restrained her excitement and quietly asked the shopkeeper.   Ji Wenbei nodded, &

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 12 Previous Chapter | Project Page | Next Chapter “Very strong!” Little Black and Little White shouted out the exact same answer, strengthening Baili Huangzhuang’s suspicions. He was only 3 years older than her, but