Prologue   A big city in Japan. I, Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto, am looking down at a large construction site from a tall mansion. My deep blue Wafuku is fluttering from the wind, the Tachi on my waist is swaying. <TLN: Wafuku=traditional Japanese clothing, Tachi=long Japanese sword.> The

Chapter 1 It's Another World No Matter How You Look at It   Among the thick bushes in the green trees. I woke up and opened my eyes.  There were trees, flowers, bugs and animals I had never seen before. "I've gone and done it...." I put my hands inside my Wafuku's b

Chapter 2 I Will Grant Your Wish!   There's an open space as large as a gymnasium inside the lush thick forest. A female knight is chained on the rock beside a clean spring located in the corner of that space. She asked me who is a God a request. "Please--kill me." "Eh!&qu

Chapter 3 I Will Become a God in this New World!   Warm sunlight is hitting us from above. At the nook of the forest's open space, the blond female knight--Celica finally calmed down. Yet her blue eyes are still filled with tears and her slender fingers are grasping my Wafuku tightly. Doe

Chapter 4 Villagers' Welcome   Dusk. The western sky turns red. After sleeping outdoors several times inside the forest, we finally came out of the vast forest. She told me many things during the walk. This world, the geography of each nations, history and the pantheon. And the menace of

Chapter 217 Dinner Invitation   At the very least, to meet his future father-in-law, he has to dress up passably. On clothing, he had this black trench coat. It has an ok price, more than two thousand yuan. However, to see someone wearing a trench coat, wouldn’t that be a bit less forma

TY Chapter 9: Old Tavern Friend Posted on 2016-12-09by StarveCleric Lu Chen burps as he touches his stomach, satisfied. He grins, “It tastes not bad, it was good eating it.”   Old Ma glances at him as he casually keeps the noodle bowl. He says calmly, “You w

Chapter 195 - An Old Scene Repeats Itself (Unedited) Lei Yún suddenly became dumb and unable to speak. How could someone like him, who had always been treated so highly accept this? A vicious idea then sprouted in his mind, “It looks like you want the scene a few years ago to be replay

Chapter 115 Approaching Storm Clouds (tl: Idiom, trouble lies ahead) 第115章 风雨欲来 Available at Reproduction not permitted. “You’re right. I’d talked with my assistants to study the possibility of the intruder using an ability to morph into a mouse to go into the v

Chapter 67: Huge bumper harvest! Translated by: Chua Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar After clarifying everything, Sheyan felt a rather dry and unsatisfied feeling. Brushing off the dust in his hands, he prepared to leave. The nightmare imprint suddenly transmitted a series of notifications, whic

Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie Volume 1 Chapter 6: To Think My Life’s First Time Will, In This Manner… “My primary objective at the moment is to learn the texts. If not, I’ll turn into a modern illiterate.” Yep yep, the bookstores out there should have Learn-to-R

Chapter 450 – Tank Destroyed! Translated by: Kun Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition The Devourer had just struck the 3 bone spikes away, when an unexpected Devil Flame Spear came whistling in from the back, and instantly pierced its head, causing it to explode into foul, smoking chunks! “Co

Chapter 451 – Defeating the Zombie Horde! Translated by: Kun Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition Yue Zhong eyed the swift S2s and his brows furrowed: “Damn it! Those Z-Types have learned how to launch a night assault?!” Battling at night was the toughest for humans. In the night, their

Chapter 186: Sacred Zone (1) Yihi was excited. She had forcefully made a garden from on top of Gigantes. She had been afraid of Dungeon Master’s anger but actually received praise. He even asked her to ‘clean things up.’ “Yihihihi ~” Yihi laughed from her place on

Chapter 27: Abandoned Railway Line – Get Off the Train at the Abandoned Station (6)   “Blue sky, white clouds and the sandy beach! This is summer!” After considering for a long time, Xu Shenxing finally decided to take Jiangyue out to play… Otherwise, he had to take

TY Chapter 8: Clear Stream Village Posted on 2016-12-08by StarveCleric Listening to Ding Dang’s complaints, Lu Chen wasn’t angry but instead smiles, “Hey, I am just about to go out but after your words, how could I still leave?” After saying those words, he s

Chapter 127 Distress     At that very instant, everyone’s breath was heavy. However, Lan Chudie still remained alert and quickly everyone. “Wait! Check if there are any dangers around first!” It was strange for such wealth to be here without a trap.   The f

Chapter 537 – Shattered Soul Domain … … … “Lan Xing wins, who will be the next challenger?” On the stage of the martial arena, a black-clothed referee announced after a blue-haired Fey defeated a Goliath youth. The black-clothed referee was similar to the

Chapter 108 - Hunter   Within the ancient trees, Fei Li was panicked while he was running for his life. When the huge changes occurred to the Ling Bao Court, he wasn’t in the valley. Instead, he was following the instructions of his master Gan Kang to do things outside. Originally, he

Chapter 197 – Weird Energy and Cultivation Technique  “Hey, stop making fun of me, dear sister. There’s nothing between me and your brother…”  Qingwu’s heartbeat quickened as she tried her best to conceal her true feelings. By staring into Qingyu&rsqu

Knight's & Magic Volume 4 Chapter 29 Outbreak of War in the Western Realm Arc   The Beginning of the Grand Storm Translator: Skythewood Editors: Darkdhaos, Ruzenor The land was dyed black, a darkness that was cold and gleaming, showing the tough and thick metallic ground. And

Chapter 91 – This World had Become A Fantasy Part 3 Everyone was stunned as they didn’t know what made the two elders have such frequent changes in expression. They ranged from frowning to showing an enlightened appearance. While everyone was nervous, a clear laughter was transmitted a

Chapter 109: Moon Water State The moment Little Fatty entered, he was immediately inundated by the enormous pressure effused by the strong cultivator trio and was almost injured. Thankfully, the spiritual Qi which they effused were against one another and not against him. Thus, the moment Little F

Chapter 170 The Gift of Revenge (Part 1) The sun slowly sank fell behind the mountains, allowing the night to descend over the Western Territory.   Not far from the road, the emissary group had discovered a piece of open land where they had decided to set up their tents.   Not a very

Descend of the Black Iron Age The overnight rain just stopped, the discomforting coal-dust air was cleared away, Zhang Tie breathed in the rare fresh air, walking alone on the road leading to school. If not for the black smoke emitting out of those towering chimneys located at the distant factory d

Among The Men Of The Country #7 Black Flame National School is a typical boys school, as the term implied, there is not a single girl in the whole school, this is because there is a huge difference between the subjects taught to boys and the subjects taught to girls. To save resources and increase

Fighting The work station that everyone is using is a metal table over one meter long, on one end of the metal table is a stationary vice, in front of the metal tables are slots used to keep rows of tools, there are hand saws, files, hammers, chisels, taps, dies, rulers, pins, callipers etc, while

Loot Within the school’s small forest, the scuffle between Zhang Tie and the person on the ground lasted only a moment, the cheap shot not fully utilized. Just as he mounted the fella and threw in two punches, he felt a strong force hitting his back, the whole of Zhang Tie’s person was

Chapter 197 - Demon Lotus   “You are right. Somehow you managed to activate that power inside you. However, if there is anyone here who can stop that from happening, it is me!” Ye Wei said while grabbing the iron talisman he had hanging on his waist all this time.   The tal

Chapter 198 - Greater Transmutation Array   ‘This has to go!’ Ye Wei, being closest to the lotus, could tell that it was far from over.   ‘Light clone!’   ‘Peerless Sword Qi’   The young Runemaster refused to be a victim and let the cit

Chapter 1139: Toxic Qi Flow!? That was the Emperor’s gambit! Although you couldn’t say he had honorable intentions or that there were no hidden tricks in his offer, you could at least say that he had revealed his cards and placed the bait right out in the open! It was as if he were sa

Amazingly, The Rest of Chapter 3 Sorano Koe: Well, that was a pretty nice distraction. Alright, now that it’s over, let’s head on over to that Adventurer’s Guild. And so, Sorano Koe and Na-chan head over to the Adventurer’s Guild (haa, what a pain). Once they get ther

Young girl, Seeing the Rose-coloured Princess   In the end, Latina lost against the temptation of being able to buy and eat immediately. It seemed like her decision to moderately restrain herself in the day and eat delicious foods at night was as painful as torture once she noticed the variou

Prologue *** A heart-rending memory appeared on my vision when I fell from the exploding sky ducts. It was as if time, like how a turtle moves, slowed down because I feel that I can catch the falling fragmented glasses. I swiftly grabbed my laser gun which I had dropped earlier, then aimed it agai

I: Planet Chrome and Planet Exilon   “Please position yourself in the pod. The safety seatbelt will automatically fasten.” The virtual assistant commanded.   I properly positioned myself inside and then the vehicle’s cover automatically locked. From my seat, I saw t

II: Starcops, Legions and Pillars *** The earth trembled and stones and ashes scattered all around due to the pod’s loud explosion. It made me unconsciously close my eyes and cover my ears. It was as if I become deaf even if we’re already far away from the blasted place. Well, it

III. Sanctuary, an Outer Space Station *** On the Templar’ spacious hall, the statues of the gods and goddesses were standing tall. On my right, the statues of Exilon’s deities could be found and one of those statues depicts Sirius, the god of darkness. His body is that of a

IV: Saturn Pryor *** “It’s nice to meet you, brother.” A male youth with a good built and masculine posture greeted me. “I’m Saturn Pryor, seventeen years old, from Planet Jinkai.” I accepted the handshake and then scanned the name sewn on his clean white unifo

Chapter 97: Aurora Knights "Aurora Knights? Aren't those just legends?"   In the past, there used be an order of Aurora Knights among the Royal Knights of Mist. They are the rarely seen tier-4 (Gold-rank) human troop. 300 years ago, they should have disappeared along with the Mi

Chapter 417: This world's missing Taiji Fist! Late at night. Unknown time. Zhang Ye woke up once more. This time he woke up from his sweating. Sweat was dripping down from his forehead to his nose and it made him feel itchy. He slowly opened his eyes as he wiped off the beads of sweat. After