Chapter 130-1: Forgot to hide it properly     Yang Chen sighed, “You’re the one who’s forcing me to say it, alright……”   “Don’t waste time, go on. However, I’m warning you, technology is very advanced now. I can use a transla

Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 4    A boisterous dance. That is the impression I get of how easily Kaguya-sama cut down the Imperial Guard. Kaguya-sama and I are breaking into the royal castle, aiming at where the King is. Even now, knights who swing down their swo

Episode 1 Dragon-girl maid Noel The servant I designated was called Noel. From her head, 2 horns sprout, and from the back, bat-like wings covered with blue scales sprouted. Her long silky smooth hair that reaches her lower back is a sky blue color. Her wide open eyes are like amethysts. She has

Chapter 448 – Life As Such “No matter what the Sect Master instructs us, our Lingyun Sect will be by your side!” Ling Kong cupped his hands and said respectfully. Nie Li laughed. “Since Young Master Ling Kong is willing to help us, then it’s even better. As long as th

CHAPTER 70: FIEND STAR YAO   After gobbling up about a dozen of Ou Yezi’s early memory shards, Li Yao discovered with complete astonishment that what originally was a multi-colored memory shard had became brightly and vibrantly colored; its radiance flickered bright! When his cons

Chapter 480: Embodiment of Guo Degang! On the official website. The discussion board beneath the live internet live broadcast page was stirring! "Hahahaha!" "Holy sh*t! It's so dazzling that becoming blind!" "Who the f**k said Teacher Zhang Ye can't do crosstalk

The Dark King – Chapter 95 Report I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 93rd chapter! **************** They went through a passage from behind the door. It was a dark, deep place. Dudian was somewhat surprised as he didn’t expect this under

Chapter 178 : Ancient Earth Tribe The actions of the five figures were similar. They acted in an orderly formation like five puppets, but they were indeed alive. Wang Meng rubbed his fists together as he stared with his tiger-like eyes towards these figures with a sneer. Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun qu

CHAPTER 98 – VIRGO AND AISHA 2 The moment Virgo’s swings his katana at Aisha. Aisha was waiting for that attack. At the same moment, feels a counterattack coming. Suka There was an instant change of Virgo’s movements, but his sword slipped through Aisha. 「……」 Virg

071 – To Return A Blow (First)   The street that had stone-paved houses lining up along it, was quiet. At this early hour, it was to be expected that no one was out and about. Although it was the same for Beryl’s street and the capital, the extreme use of stone-paving here ga

The Dark King – Chapter 94 Alloy experiments I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 94th chapter! **************** Barton saw that Dudian hadn’t mentioned the money so he was relieved as he said: “These last three days we searched eve

Vol 3 Chapter 14 Chapter 14 ~ Tilika wish is… Me and Sati rested ourselves on the sofa after being invited into the sub guild leader room. “What actually happened?” Across me, Tilika is sitting beside Sati while clasping their hands together. “The case is, someone

Troublemakers   The man had a red face. He appeared to be pretty drunk. A man in Murim style clothing placed his hand on the Wiki Crystal to get connected. [Please select the number for the information you wish to view.] 1.    Golden Ranking 2.    Rookie Ranking

Chapter 547: What Do You Want To Do?   The second elder and Huo Yun were afraid of infuriating Yuan Tong so they wanted to deliver Lin Feng to the Yuan Clan.    “Father…” said Huo Shi Yun with hope in her eyes. She hoped that her father wouldn’t agree

Chapter 34: Scam “Ah?” Not expecting that the lady would be angered, Shang Bin is astonished. He immediately explains, “Shen laoshi, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about Zhang Xuan. If he doesn’t have the money, he shouldn’t be going around tre

Tutorial 2nd Floor, Waiting Room (Part 3)   [The 2nd attempt will commence.] The 2nd attempt has begun. As soon as the attempt started, the portal in the corner of the waiting room vanished. Just like the beginning of the 1st attempt, it seemed like you had to stay the first 3 days within t

Chapter 61 Hearing Chen Zhonghua’s reluctant tone, Long Zhengliang laughed loudly, “Old Chen, in these years, that old fellow, Qin Dahai, had you wrapped around his fingers. Now, even the soldier he trained dares to screw you over. Haha.” With that, he laughed loudly again. Chen

Chapter 251 Shi Xin’s Boyfriend   Just as the two entered the restaurant, there was a handsome guy in a suit who greeted them. When Qin Chao took a look, oh boy, isn’t he the Manager of the HR Department, Zhang Chusong? Today, in order to attract the attention of Li Xue, thi

Chapter 54: Invaders Part 2 Intruders Part 2 Translators: Henet, Frostfire10 & Skythewood      Early morning.  While the sun still had not rose, there were countless people gathered on the Earl’s land. Warriors, magic casters, priests and theives. Almost everyone were specialist

Chapter 76 A Bloody Fight A child who was lining up in the school yard for ceremony1 seemed to be confused when he saw his friends were rowdy and in panic. “Ma’am.” The child called the teacher who was standing beside her. “What did Mrs. Principal said?” &ldquo

Chapter 523: “The Wind Kicks Up (2)” But this time, Ning Xin had brought back shocking news with her. Ning Rui had never even bothered to look Jun Xie in the eye and he was astounded to suddenly be hearing that he possessed such overwhelming power while those mysterious disciples from

Showing Mercy   Translated By: Ash Edited By: Fingerfox     Peng Xianwu had a fortuitous encounter. He himself had obtained the brilliant weapon in his hand. Moreover, he had also learned a set of powerful sword technique, it was only because of that set of powerful sword tech

Chapter 18 Aijia Trusts Yue Er and the People She Brought With Her   The Ci Ning Palace is brightly lit but quiet.   The grand empress dowager is leaning on the head of the bed, her phoenix eyes closed tight.  The moment she woke up, she heard about Xia Hou Shang Yue getting sent

Chapter 19 Improper Love   After he leaves Ci Ning Palace, Bai Yu Chen did not immediately release Xia Hou Shang Yue from the dungeon.  Instead, he walks on the path slowly, his mind reeling from what the empress dowager just said.  If he didn’t marry Xia Hou Shang Yue, he wi

 ­ Title “…… Vines?”   Mages, actually, anyone who could see the Ivory Tower at the moment, would be shocked. From the forest that was surrounding the Ivory Tower, hundreds of thick vines erupted and were crawling on the outer wall of the Ivory Tower. &nbs

Chapter 10, 2/2 After playing with Shu Bao for a bit, she showered, opened the window, the evening air blowing onto her face. It was only then Zheng Wei felt that she had revived. When she opened the door and placed the trash bag in front of her door, next to her, Shu Bao, who had had ulterior moti

Chapter 10, 1/2 “Do people who are public prosecutors also drive after drinking?” Zheng Wei sat next to Lin Jing’s driver’s seat, and smelled the faint scent of alcohol from his body. Lin Jing shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t like to drink, but the common practi

Chapter 9, 2/2 Zhou Qu’s complexion immediately showed delight and he said, “I actually never knew there was this relationship. Since its like this, Deputy Lin should eat a meal with us even more. Putting aside the job done, its a meeting of old friends, you should also chat a bit. We d

Chapter 152, Crest Translator – Maxi Editor – Rosyprimrose Proofreader- Skoll Finalized Editor – theunfetteredsalmon   Lan Chudie, who held unyielding will in her eyes, was amongst the crowd. The look in her eyes seemed to resemble Yang Kai&rsquo

Book 7 Chapter 8 Fail to Subdue? Traversing the sea in the company of a Blackgale Divine Condor would be very convenient indeed! In a forest on the mountain. The Blackgale Divine Condor, with a wound on its left wing, was doing its best to maintain a balance at a high altitude. It was a Golden Da

Chapter 97: Battle in the Forest of the World Tree 1 「Arachne will shoot spiderwebs from its mouth to bind its opponent. Other than that, it has high mobility, and able to jump from tree to tree.」 Lucia explained it while observing the monster which has a upper human body and a lower spider body.

Chapter 123: Dare to furtively learn secret techniques! Fog rolled thickly over the area, waves reared high and crashed down. Li Muyang stood by the window in stunned silence before his eyes welled up with tears yet again. He turned around, clutching at his chest, and said with sadness in his voi

Chapter 546: Bite The Hand That Feeds   Yuan Lie’s body started burning under Lin Feng’s fire.   The crowd was gasping in amazement and their hearts were pounding, wasn’t Yuan Lie was a genius?   The young man who had appeared had only broken through to th

Lithium, 16th Chapter: The Guild Exam Just introduced this novel to an avid reader A. It was much appreciated. Cooking the details at the moment. “—Then, although you will be given further explanation on the membership contract, is there any question you have in particular?” &l

Chapter 162: To the Labyrinth of Traps Translator: Tseirp   It was still dark by the time I woke up but after rapidly circulating magical power within my body with magical power manipulation and performing mental images for the perception-type skills like how I did last night, the morning su

AC Chapter 120 Previous ChapterNext Chapter Chapter 120: This King is wrong Five minutes after the free-for-all began, five people were eliminated in succession. The elder who was the supervisor would escort the eliminated rookies out when they were unable to hold on in order to prevent them fro

Chapter 121: Peeling Memories “This King wants to apologize to all of you. This King was wrong!” Everyone who had their ears pricked up were completely stunned. Hua Pengju and company that were in the midst of running stopped in surprised. A look of disbelief flashed in Riko’s ey

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 129-2: Can I not say it? Support the translator by reading My Wife is a Beautiful CEO on ! Thank you!   With a pure face without makeup, and a white dress that seemed to have been washed many times, Lin Ruoxi’s manner of dressing could

Episode 10 First Battle Runo forest. The giant forest located northeast of Juka Kingdom. It’s inhabited by all kinds of monsters. Regarding monsters. They are classified by the kingdom from S rank to E rank. In Runo forest, there are monsters from A to E rank, rather wide rang

Extra Edition II Episode 7 The Conclusion of the Incident Bagil and Gris left the Gursber family and entered the dark territory to investigate one of the locations on the map. The magicians of the church detained the magicians of the Gursber family. And Bagil, Gris and a few people from the