Chapter 369  A Conversation Between Two Geniuses   Translated by: Pipipingu Edited by: Nora   The glow of the sunset near the horizon slowly disappeared, as did the sunset glow on the lake. The breeze that blew across the lake became colder and colder, and the bonfire on the lake

Chapter 424 – Yan Yong Lie’s Ambitions Translated by: Berrrybunz Edited by: TN and DeAndreR Boundless Star power, erupted without any warning. The violent and savage qi enveloped the entire Fairy City, Ursa Major Constellation suddenly emerged in the sky, causing a thick and so

Chapter 425 Translated by: Berrrybunz Edited by: TN and DeAndreR The entire Fairy City was in an uproar, everyone was jumping on their roofs, the powerful martial artists were even flying in the air. The surprised people, were all intensely discussing, everyone was all filled with shock and

Chapter 724 – Burning Heaven Totem Stone … … … There was a great deal of skill involved in choosing an Ancient Phoenix Totem. If one didn’t roughly understand the various 36 Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones, then choosing one within two hours wouldn’t be easy,

Chapter 29: Aftermath of that large boulder. Translated by: Chua Edited by: TN and ELkassar Sheyan was closely observing as the urgent footstep resounded relentless towards him. Suddenly, a shadow abruptly broke through the rocks and charged in! Although he was able to anticipate the impending d

MGA: Chapter 1413 – The Future Is Filled With Unknowns   “As the Alliance Master of the World Spiritist Alliance that possesses a group of genius level disciples, you failed to make these disciples more outstanding, and instead made them into condescending individuals who believed

  MGA: Chapter 1414 – A Visit From Lil Mei   While staying in the World Spiritist Alliance, Chu Feng visited Fu Feiteng’s residence to drink. Fu Feiteng admired Chu Feng greatly, and Chu Feng also had a very good impression of Fu Feiteng. Thus, the two of them hit it off ri

Chapter 28 The Emperor’s Love   Mo Qi Qi is surprised.  She foolishly laughs, “Hehe, Your Majesty, you must not think too much.  Chenqie has no interest in you.  The reward chenqie is talking about is material reward.”  She quickly pu

Chapter 29 The Emperor’s Gift     Mo Qi Qi suddenly looks alert.  She puts her hands against her chest in worry: “Your Majesty, don’t tell me you want to force chenqie to do things chenqie isn’t willing to just because of this bracelet!&

Chapter 30 Harassment     Ban Xiang nods at what she said, “Your Ladyship, this isn’t your regular jade bracelet.  This bracelet is the token of affection between emperors and empresses of our kingdom throughout the century.  Before an emperor marries an empress,

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room Book 1: The Storm is Coming Chapter 12   The official promotional activities and exhibition games started the next day. When SP arrived, the stands of the entire outdoor stadium was already filled.   All thirty-seven clubs that had been invite

Book 24, The Starlord of Fogstone, Chapter 3 – Fogstone Planet The Heavengazer Tower of the Heavens had been placed within the Immortal estate. Ji Ning was seated inside the tower in the lotus position, as still as a lifeless rock. He had activated the ‘solitude’ technique of the

Chapter 450 – Godslayer Artifact A majestic aura was constantly being breathed in and out. Nie Li felt surges of powerful auras entering his body and warming his limbs and meridians. While Nie Li was cultivating, a mysterious energy exploded in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Chapter 37 - Mission accomplished— a change in situation TL-ed by Wei Edited by LD Truth be told, Li Jiayu had almost forgotten the taste of snacks. However, now that he was seeing such a dazzling lineup of varied food items in the mart, moreover with their brightly-colored packagings...

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 185 – Jumping to conclusion. Translated by: Andy Edited by: Andy 1/5 (68) Elder Shen didn’t beat around the bush and immediately went straight to point. “Your sister…. I don’t know what happened to her. After they beat the fierce beast,

Chapter 428 – Brother-in-law’s Anger! Translated by: Last Edited by: Shiroyukineko TLCed by: Shiroyukineko   Shiro: Changing back Sky Demon Palace to Demonic Palace guys, too troublesome to change everything, sry haha. “Is the Scarlet Emperor terrifying? How could you use t

Evil Cultivators Approach!   Lace1010 (TL) Wayfinder (E) Jiem (E)   Yan Zhuiyun is the disciple of one of the four honorable elders of Sinister Sparrow Sect, the “Honorable Black” Yan Bai. He is an intermediate-stage Harmonious Spirit cultivator and the fifth most outst

EPISODE 14 – TARGETED SAN FLUEVE IMPERIAL CAPITAL (PART 1)   「Do not forgive any smuggling vessel! Sink all of those smuggling ships to the bottom of the sea without mercy!!」 Admiral Jean put out his battleship, and patrolled the coast. Also, he ordered to strengthen the coast security

CoBI, B3 Chapter 4: The Great Art of Black-Heartedness Here’s a late first chapter of the week. My apologies as my laptop have no access. Cheers, Cuppa. “Kid, what’s the matter, how come your face is pale?” after dealing with two customers, Tang De who is beside him at t

Chapter 144: The hands of a master (1) Posted on February 27, 2017 by bsubak — Leave a reply   If the Western Union had to choose the most popular dish in Asia, most of the people would pick Japanese food after a short while of thinking. Although the neat flavo

Chapter 145: The hands of a master (2) Posted on February 27, 2017 by bsubak — Leave a reply   Putting aside the staring of the guide, Jo Minjoon and Rachel slowly entered the store. The walls were white, and the store gave a refreshing fell due to the bright w

Chapter 146: The hands of a master (4) Posted on February 27, 2017 by bsubak — 2 Comments ↓     “Hard work…….Really doesn’t betray.” Jo Minjoon, that was savoring the lingering flavor of the sushi in his mouth for qui

Chapter 723 – In Stark Opposition … … … Although it was hard to believe, all of the martial artists present were masters of Fire Laws. How could they not recognize the power of fire source energy? Those round balls of red light contained a staggering amount of pure fi

Chapter 16 – An A-Ranked Quest Late at night, Luo Jianshan’s bedroom. Luo Jianshan had his hands clasped around his back while he looked out of the window at the darkness with a slight frown on his face. He was very annoyed at what had happened today at the martial training grounds, e

Chapter 143: People Over The Crossroad (3) Posted on February 27, 2017 by bsubak — 2 Comments ↓   Even after Rachel talked about things related to her restaurant for quite a while, conversations kept coming and going between them. When the night deepened a

Chapter 239 - Three Story Pavilion “Brother Lightning, could it that you’re planning to go to the Immortal World?” Tian Ye couldn’t help but ask. Lei Yu nodded, “That’s right, I have to go there.” Lei Yu had said before that he had something important to

Chapter 240 - I Have A Request A girl that seemed to be the leader asked while trembling: “Where… where are we going?” The girl did not attempt to cover herself and stood there with her two exposed soft mounds. With her trembling, those two mounds also bounced along. But even if

Chapter 241 - Huge Wealth “Brother Yanrong is truly kind-hearted and filled with heroic spirit!” Lei Yu praised. “Then let’s not waste time, should we go now?” Yanrong smiled magnanimously. “No need.” Lei Yu smiled and formed a thought, and over a dozen g

Chapter 79: The clues must be accurate  It was truly difficult to collect venom from ten different snakes, but quite easy to find a few out of the ten. “General Mu, of the ten snake poisons, seven are commonly found in medicine. Many major pharmacies should sell them. The remaining thre

Chapter 59 [Shopping]   TL : Cnine ED : Rope-san PF : Part 1   In the vicinity of the national border between Saint Stellar kingdom and Galwark kingdom, a youth was flying high and far away in the sky.   The youth was carrying a girl in his arms.   「Wa~, amazing. We&rs

CHAPTER 10 – LABYRINTH EXPLORATION (PART 3)           Across the opened doors, a very wide space have spread.   It was even several times larger than the room where the Ghost Knight was.   Unlike up until now, the floors, walls, and ceiling were made

Translator: TranslationChicken ********** Editor: TranslationChicken ********** === {He’s that guy’s child, after all} They were the magical words which the young Subaru once embraced with pride, which once would have injected Subaru’s heart full of vitality. From w

536 -  Tan Yang’s death, Extermination of Sword Tower, Breakthrough of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant “Boom!” The strength of 26 countries was used by the huge elephant’s unique stomping skill had a overflowing momentum! A loud, heaven-shaking sound echoed out and the

AGM 387 - Domineering Overkill Ninth level of Yuanfu. Qin Wentian’s cultivation base wasn’t at the eighth level, but was at the ninth level instead. When Chen Wang and Si Qiong fought against Zhan Chen, they had always been hiding their true strength. Qin Wentian, on the other had, ha

Chapter 45 – Gem and Panda   「How do you feel?」 「Yes, rather well」 When I answered the doctor’s question, the doctor showed slightly surprised expression. 「Is that so? Resting for a little bit more would be most likely the best. Okusama’s recovery seems to be fast」 「Do

Chapter 406: Eternal Spirit Mountain, Impasse When the Purple Sun Sect saw the scene of utter chaos over at the Precious Tree Sect’s side, their moods grew slightly better. If one was stuck inside the Eternal Spirit Mountain after it’d closed, they were dead without a doubt. Unless the

Chapter 268 Iron Man’s Tender Feelings   (TL by Bagelson)   Everything turned quiet. Red radiated outward from Tang San, the air had completely transformed into faintly red crystal, sparkling with ten thousand rays of light from the sunshine sprinkling through the trees.  

Chapter 60: The Carefree Lao Bai (3) “It cannot leave the Boundless Secular World for too long. The eggs will be under its belly, so if we don’t take it now, then when will we take it?” Lao Bai reminded him starkly. Miao Yi was slightly worried, “Are you sure it’ll b

Chapter 26 – Beefing Up (2)   3.   “I’ve gathered them all here major.”   Late at night.   The winter sun having long since descended beyond the horizon and slipped from view, an unorganized crowd of people were gathered amidst the cold winds

Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C23 Previous Chapter | Project Page | Next Chapter  Chapter 23 TL:Kourii Editor: Raven   Author: Two years ago, the day he got his body until now. Before moving on to Altirea’s story, I would like you to read his, Kaj