Vol 2 Chapter 2-4 After we get home, I confirm the bathroom inside the house. The tub is being installed with water heater as the resource is magic stone. Of course, it cost you money if it is being used. The Magic fill the empty tub with hot water. She is dirty compared to the ordinary peop

Chapter 145 – The people from the Xiao Family of the Sheng Domain Part 1 Xiao Family of Sheng Domain Xiao Tian Yu looked sheepishly at the woman beside him. He said in a gentle tone, “Yu Er. I’m sorry that this kind of thing has happened lately and that I’ve required you to

Chapter 21 – The School’s Idol A prominent example would be the one currently standing on the stage, the pride of Tianjing city, Major Grace from the Freedom Federation. A rarely seen ability soldier, she had ignited her heroic soul at the age of 18, then led the Tianjing battle squad i

Chapter 822: Nine Volumed Celestial Axis At this moment, a light curtain suddenly flew up from deep beneath the chasm before it headed towards the Dragon Emperor divine column's stone bridge. The Dragon Emperor divine column's stone bridge was in the shape of a giant dragon from afar, and

Chapter 616: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body (One) “Senior, don’t harm Xiao Bai!” Jian Chen cried out as an uncomfortable feeling began to arise in his stomach. “Jian Chen, don’t worry. We won’t hurt it.” The second elder spoke up in reassurance a

Chapter 3: True love and white lotus sister   For Lin Chujiu marriage is definitely a serious problem. She had lived for twenty-six years in her previous life, but she didn’t get married and also she’s never been in love… … Don’t misunderstand her, Lin Chujiu

Chapter 98: Not Human! The Medicine King let out a sound of shock as he retracted his hand with lightning speed and said: “Don’t misunderstand; I do not have any intention to harm you. I am the doctor and only want to check if your body is okay.” Tang Zheng did not relax as the d

Chapter 549: Prove It!   “I killed him.” said Lin Feng indifferently, he looked absolutely emotionless.   “Since you killed Yuan Lie, and touched my girl, how do you want me to kill you?” asked Yuan Tong who was still in the sky looking down upon Lin Feng.

AST 446 - A silent pain. The despicable Zuo Shandiao! The woman stared at Qing Shui in shock. Fresh blood dripped off the long sword in her hand. The sheer redness of that fresh blood made it unpleasant to look at. It made her feel reluctant to open up her eyes.  At this moment, she felt her

Chapter 101: Demonstrating the strength   With the two finished interviews, can he still find his ideal heroine? * Large wavy hair, heavy makeup, thick eyelashes like a stiff brush and thick layer of nose bridge high light. Just by looking at it the interviewers wants to be blind. Not all

Chapter 44 - Chapter 7: Advent #2  “How many are there?"  Carack held his axe as he asked Karma who was lying flat on the hill. Karma gazed at the front with wide eyes before shouting in an urgent voice.  "Seven? Ten? There are also centaurs!”  In-gong

247 – There’s only one person Ye Congyun followed Ye Qingyu instructions, relaxing his entire body and closing both of his eyes. He could not see what was happening, but he was able to feel, a stream of warmth that entered between his brows, like a bubbling spring that flowed to his hea

Chapter 269: Blood Red “Could it be it wishes to eliminate us in one stroke?” Zhong Wu asked with a white complexion. “Humph!” Xuan Ye didn’t speak and raised his hand instead. Seven to eight fireballs flew from his hand, shooting toward the dense spiderweb.  P

Each of Their Reactions   At the same time as the strategy was decided, Milim said that she is going to use Dragon Nova, her strongest magic. Under the cover of the extremely dangerous attack, indeed befitting to be called a mass extinction magic, she told me that she’ll let me go. Sh

Chapter 149: Soul Contract When Bai Yunfei returned to the Ye, he had returned promptly to his room and was prepared to think about the next step in dealing with the Zhao–he was determined to help them overcome this moment of crisis wholeheartedly, but he had to do so without any room for mi

VOLUME 8 CHAPTER 72: DON’T TELL ME THIS IS A SECRET LATE NIGHT RENDEZVOUS (20) Yi Ji POV “You don’t need to be so surprised. That really is a rare expression on yours.” The young mistress said with a calm expression, “Un… I’ve actually been doing as

Chapter 201: Dug a Hole Zhu Yao wondered what happened to this world? When did a single Spirit Vein become a trash Spirit Vein, while having five Spirit Veins was the aptitude with the highest caliber? In the results of this Spirit Vein test, she and her master were both thrown aside, and theoretic

Volume 3, Chapter 20: Layer Upon Layer of Heavy Sins In the seventh month of the twenty-fifth year of Wuwei, Taizong was involved in the investigation of officials corrupt and negligent of their duties. As a result, many officials were dismissed and imprisoned, the majority of whom were the Prince

Chapter 5 (Pledge and the Dragon’s Jewel) ◆◇◆◇◆ In this age, demonic monsters were identified as inferior demons. For that reason, people thought demonic monsters obeyed instructions from high- rank demons. Therefore, unlike a devil who was a high-ranked demon with high intelligence a

Chapter 105: Guardian Hall (2) If it hit, his legs and neck would be literally cut off. Kang! Kaaang! Kang-jun swung his sword swiftly and destroyed the waves in front of him. ‘I'm surprised. How can such an attack be possible?’ The Heaven’s Blood Sword Style’s

Chapter 132 – To Bully Intolerably Calling Nie Yan fast was an understatement. In one fluid movement, he had thrown the Flash Powder and made his way behind Night Shadow. Nie Yan knew, from his experience playing as a thief for so many years, exactly which factors would allow him to deal a f

Chapter 131 – Encounter After returning to the city, Nie Yan planned to head to the auction house and get rid of all the equipment in his bag. His bag only had seven spaces left and would be completely full if he randomly chucked in a few more items. He stood up and was prepared to begin chan

Chapter 222 – Technique from Archaic Vicious Ten The little guy clung to his opponent’s arm, and threw her down. Burning symbols followed, and with a hong sound, she smashed into the ground, causing earth and rocks to fly everywhere. At the same time, his palm began

Chapter 2.2 “Okay. Since we are friends, I will go in with you.” “I don’t want….” Ignoring her wailing, Qing Hai drag Xing Yu’s hand and head into the haunted house. At the entrance of the haunted house, there is a sign that say, “Not recommended

CHAPTER 8 – MASTER, I’M GOING   The current Dongfang Niemie had become older by a full 20 years. Wrinkles appeared on his face unrestrainedly and the light in his pupils once again became muddy. His hair had already turned completely white and the embroidered gown that he wore als

Chapter 43 - Chapter 7: Advent  The transfer formations, spread out in various areas of the Demon World like a spider web, varied in size and shape. In-gong closed his eyes against against the blue light, that appeared when the transfer formation was activated, and slowly opened them after f

Chapter 221 - Someone’s Following (Unedited) Lei Yu pretended to disapprovingly drink the tea that the beauty brought in. “How come you’re here?” Also, just then…” Cui Ying Ying pointed at Lei Yu and then pointed at the window before asking in confusion: &ldquo

Chapter 15 Part 3   Governess Kong turned around and bowed to Sheng Hong, she warmly said “A moment ago, Master kindly said that I am friends with the Old Madame, so I will thicken my skin and put forward my two cents. In families with numerous sons and daughters, parents must be f

Chapter 124: First time meeting Qiandu! Never go see the people you hate in the morning because it would affect your mood for the entire day. Li Muyang had no intention to provoke or anger anyone, simply wanted to stroll around and gaze at the scenery. He did not expect to run into this extremely

Chapter 22 - Hidden expert within the university! Tl-ed by Wei Edited by LD QC-ed by LD Amongst the 30-40 people who stood out bravely, there were young assistants lecturers, elderly professors, ordinary students and strong boxing club members; the fighting strength was extremely unbalanced.&nb

Chapter 73 - How Do You Go?   [The Hero Cow.... it seems a wonderful person has came to help] (Freud) [Uaaah....!?] (Wazu) I was surprised to suddenly hear a voice come from behind. Looking back, there was Freud with his usual smiling face. Huh? That? Not long ago.... how can he be standin

Chapter 54 –   “Isn’t that far more than imagined!?”    “What’s this? This big number of people…”    It’s four days after the mass slaughter of Baron Rückner and more than 50 other people by the remaining residue

Chapter 370 – The Comprehension Amidst the Resistance Translated by: Berrrybunz Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR It truly was different. The dantian and meridians in his body had changed beyond recognition, causing Tang Tian to be dumbstruck. He thought about it, then thought about when

Chapter 36: Collateral   “......Master Yuan…..Big Brother Que, you also work with gunpowder?”   Nonsense, I am the greatest pharmacist, naturally I’ve studied all kinds of medicine.  If you want to buy something then hurry up, if you don’t have money

Chapter 37: Wild man    Using the remaining 13 gold coins left in his inventory, Ye Tian Xie took out 10 gold coins to buy 100 high level recovery potions (restores 400 HP, 5 second cooldown, each potion cost 1 silver coin, restrictions: Level 10 or higher…..Of course for regular

Chapter 38 Only so-so   Ye Tian Xie observed the formation, then corners of his mouth drew back and he revealed a strange smile.  He liked challenges, he liked the stimulation, he liked exciting challenges.  Looking at this hard to challenge formation of 12 wild man eating plants, y

Chapter 23 – Ahmuge (1) One night, everyone experienced the same dream as God’s curse swept through the land. From that moment on, not even a single child’s laughter could be heard. The Curse of Extinction*; This calamity was interpreted as one of the harbingers of the End. It bro

The Dark King – Chapter 98 Thousand arrows I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 93rd chapter! **************** The Archers’ training field was located on the other side of the castle near the river. It was a very wide place with nothing bu

Chapter 52 – Delicate and pretty young lady (3) Translated by imakeussmile   “Ah, you all agree to it already? I was still preparing for my next few lines too… Forget it. It’s better like this, there is no need to say anything else anymore.” The delicate a

The Dark King – Chapter 96 Talent I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 96th chapter! **************** “That’s reasonable!” Dudian eyes slightly shined. After all, he had seen the modern world. Aircraft, cannons, cars and many o