It was pouring rain. With almost no strength left, I walked through the forest. When I just got rid of the pesky orangutan bastards, now it rains. Would it kill to rain just the right amount… Instead, it had to rain the point where it was difficult to keep my eyes open to see properly. 

Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 226 : The blue ribbon for the girl who stuck out her ass Slap Michi’s ass…? M-Me? 「Michi wishes for Danna-sama to do it, is that correct?」 Misuzu smiles. 「Yes, I’d like to be punished in front of Misuzu-sama」 Michi said with a red face. At

Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city Duan da nian was hesitant, what he is doing involves a lot of risks. He comes outside the city only when there is a  hazy shimmer in the sky and he will go back to the city before the sky gone completely dark.    Monster is the thing he is sca

Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 03 07-03 Chat 4: Ninja Unit And here’s what Reiko was up to on the other hand. She had noticed that ever since the 18th when they left the capital strange people were following them. On the night of the 19th. Clouds. Behind the hotel in the town of K

HSSB407: Further refining the dark green bamboo branch   First, as Yan Di had instructed, Yan Zhaoge went directly to collect the Internal Crystal Furnace that he had previously used. Afterwards, Yan Di would forge a whole new Internal Crystal Furnace for himself. Carefully appraising this

Chapter 27: Recruitment Translator: Sigma  Editor: - - Without a doubt, this arrogant “Quick Man” was a thief. His arrogance excellently matched his outstanding ability.   But Gerrard didn’t accept his offer in cooperating with him simply just like that

Chapter 158: Advancement to Great Thief Translator: Halcyon Translations  Editor: - - Lu Li was slightly displeased, but he had to accept the truth. The Thief Skill Books were grey and the colour had faded because of their age. The average person could not tell the differences

Chapter 59: Entrance Translator: Dess  Editor: Efydatia "Duke Wayne?" Kieran put on a surprised expression, although he was very calm inside. When that Evan guy had displayed such immense influence all over the city, Kieran had narrowed down his guesses to a couple

Chapter 51: Mutated Blood Origin Fruit, Blood God Fruit! Translator: AstralGhost  Editor: Kurisu A small mountain of golden cicadas laid before the Vampiric Vine, crawling about weakly like a gigantic, throbbing pimple. If anyone apart from Bei Feng were to look at it right now

Chapter 73: Murmurs Fleeing the People’s Ears Translator: Mango Cat  Editor: DarkGem The one who spoke was a fourteen- or fifteen-year-old girl. Just like her voice, she was delicate and frail. In terms of appearance, she was about average in this group of girls. Only he

Chapter 74: Good Friends Are Always on the Mind Translator: Mango Cat  Editor: DarkGem For young girls in the family, a future sister-in-law was an enemy snatching away their elder brothers. Of course, her elder brother needed to marry. But if the girls next to her elder broth

Chapter 152: The Name of the Sect Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: - - “To finalise the name of our Sect?” Xiao Yan and the rest stared at each other in excitement.   Xiao Budian smiled and continued, “Master, are the four of us your first disc

Chapter 34: Destroyer of clubs! Translator: imperfectluck  Editor: - - Since Chiaki told him that it wasn't necessary to rush with his replies to the love letters, Seiji temporarily put them in his backpack and decided to look at them during the lunch break.   During

Chapter 35: Gifts Translator: imperfectluck  Editor: - - When the lunch break started, Seiji immediately began reading through the love letters.   Seiji sat together with Mika and Chiaki in their usual spot in the courtyard before he took out the love letters and began t

As the boss saw him with so many memory banks, his eyes narrowed. It's suspicious. He does not look like a businessman at first glance. Why did he buy such a big pile of memory banks? Considering his style, the boy cannot be an internet café runner. Is he perhaps the son of some busi

Yuan Zi’s real name was Yuan Zhiyi. Besides Papa Jiao, Wei Ling and him, another one of Papa Jiao’s old college friends in Chuhua, Fei Hang, also invested. After Professor Yuan passed away, Yuan Zhiyi began his own career. Recently, he had been abroad. Most on the equipments

"You have an unusual identity." "The Liu Family is not worthy of your service." "You can only be a Guest Warrior whichever Family you join." "After you awaken your Bloodline, you will find them to be only a group of contemptible scoundrels…" A

Before Lin Sanjiu’s fist reached Professor Bai, one of Griselda’s arms rapidly swelled up. Without saying a word, Griselda stepped forward and swept her arm toward Lin Sanjiu. Lin Sanjiu flipped backward and evaded that attack. She immediately stared back at Griselda coldly.

Beside the three-dimensional hologram, several rows of data were listed. ‘Blue, undamaged. Red, damaged.’ Angele stared at the hologram in front of him. He remained silent, ‘Life expectancy is determined by the rate of cell division, so it means my life ex

Zhang Tie noticed that Samira was bargaining before a booth with a businessman who sold scaly anteaters. As it was noisy here, Zhang Tie hadn't noticed him before at all; additionally, there was a small patch of person-high plants between the two of them. Zhang Tie wasn't able to see

Natasha was wearing a simple training suit, after having practiced swordsmanship. Her legs were long and straight. “Confess?” She looked a bit confused but soon became serious, “Confess what, Lucien?” Natasha was very different than usual. Now she was like a

Looking at his teacher surprised expression, Ai Hui stared vacantly at himself as his heart skipped a beat. He was like a gambler scratching a lottery ticket. The first numbers matched and only the last one remained. The jackpot was just one number away. He felt his heart in

Prelude to the war! The Radiant Empire had finished their preparations for war. One cloudy morning, the Duke of the Tulip Family led fifty thousand fully equipped Lightning God’s Whip soldiers together with twenty thousand garrison soldiers, who were escorting supplies, to the North.

“I have read a little bit about the mutant Martial Spirit. Your situation is quite special. Let me take a look; perhaps I can find a solution for you.” The Hierarchy of the Corpses God Sect gently said and slightly laughed. His laughter sounded gloomy and freaky as many green flames flickere

Suo Lin was at a loss for words, but soon he recovered to normal. He immediately said, “At least I can accompany you guys down stairs right.” Su Jingwen didn’t detest Suo Lin. Although her impression of him went straight down after he joined the entertainment industry, it wasn’t to t

{Rearm}! {Warrior’s Will}! {Berserker’s Heal}! Zhang Yang removed all the debuffs that he had been bombarded with and recovered his full health. With unrelenting force and will, Zhang Yang shoved his way towards Humbly Gentleman and slashed

What was an experiencer? For example, the game was somehow testing its players; for a player being tested, story points were extremely hard to gain, and exchange access was shut down. Only after the player had accomplished three experience tasks could he or she be qualified to access

Huang Xuan struggled to catch his breath as he returned to his room. They had abandoned all their equipment in the plane passage. The strong energy of the buffer zone would ensure they vanished into thin air. He quickly recovered from his emotional state. “That tiny man who

“What?” Mo Yan raised her brows. The angry hatchet-faced appeared as she finally understood that she had been played around with, by Fang Yuan all along. “Ha, you really have big guts, you even dared to make fun of your grandaunt!” After she had finished, she stretched out h

High Ambassador Yu Heng touched his interspatial ring as he strode towards Ji Shuiyan. As one of the seven high ambassadors of the Seven Star Dao Palace, the gap between High Ambassador Yu Heng and Ji Shuiyan's strength was like the difference between a mountain and a pi

Chapter 318 Full-Powered Dash The next moment, the entire dragon’s scale tremored fiercely, as if the sword intent was feeling excited and agitated from Fang Xingjian’s words. The atmosphere let out an ear-piercing screech and Fang Xingjian could sense that something in the air seemed t

Chapter 940: Close The Griffon passed through the flat plains and slowly entered the mountain range. These mountains were filled with lush-green trees. Many of the giant trees were over a thousand feet tall. Many agile monkeys were climbing and playing rough with each other within this forest. Thes

Chapter 941: Red Clothed Young Lady When the first rays of sunlight penetrated the window and transformed into light spots that shot onto the ground, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes shut, finally slowly opened them. He softly muttered, “Looks like there is a need to head to the city center to take

Chapter 257: Sword Battle “Why did he save me? Is he also from a Devil Sect?” Hu Lili’s imagination was running wild trying to infer the truth of the situation. “It’s quite unlikely for that to be the case. The six Devil Sects may seem like a united group but they ne

V2C17: Chase Chapter 17: Chase Li Anping, with a simple wave of his hand, a ‘boom’ sound was heard and a massive piece of burning car wreckage flew in all directions. Li Anping then stepped out of the inferno. In his other hand, Wester had already turned into a charred corpse. However

Chapter 798: Bet Such words made Jian Wushuang’s face become quite unsightly. She was proud to the point of being supercilious, so Li Qiye’s words were simply dampening her confidence and self-esteem. “Li Qiye, you are too arrogant!” Jian Wushuang snapped: “One move t

Chapter 799: Unkillable Li Qiye only smiled in response to Jian Wushuang’s haughtiness. He gently shook his head and spoke: “I have to remind you of a few points regarding this matter. First, even your ancestor’s bow wouldn’t be able to kill me. It is truly a brutal weapon,

Chapter 800: Heaven Suppression Fist Jian Wushuang took a deep breath and summoned her most powerful defensive weapon. With a buzzing sound, a sacred light engulfed the sky with its grand imperial might. A huge imperial city stood before her. In the blink of an eye, she took charge of the entire c

Following Heliona’s instruction, Riley was about to head out to the west with Nainiae. However, his father suddenly called him, so Riley stopped by at his father’s office. “… I’ve heard that you wanted to see me.” Riley opened the office’s door and steppe

「Safe――――――is――――. The ability―――――of――――?」 「The physical strength――――――lower―――――right。 Demon―――――――of――――。 Common―――――――beneath――――――difficult――result―――――――so」[TN#1] With my consciousness being hazy, Something was audible…. Senpai’s voice….. or not.It’s a voi