Absolute beginning region, classroom number 2. The room was 80km long and 60km wide. This was bigger than a normal city of earth, yet this was only a place for an undying to teach. There were over 1000 seats at the back of the classroom, and beams of lights occasionally flew in to fill the seats.

The retrieval of the alien object was successful. There was no accident. Nevertheless, the object was handled with extreme care. First, the extra metallic debris that was stuck to the object was peeled off and set off to the side. Then, a layer of plastic cover was wrapped around the object to

Chapter 356 – Supreme Bone’s Rebirth The sound of water splashing about could be heard, as if it was playing a melodious tune. The pleasant sounds resounded through the palace. The hazy mist dispersed, and a spring could be seen. Based on what Huo Ling’er said, in order to enter

Chapter 297: A Deal “Bang! Bang!” Two scorched halves of flesh smashed into the ground. Never Die had been bisected in half by the waist!! His regenerating soul skill could defy the heavens, but even that wasn’t enough to reverse the rotations of the heavens. When Never Die&rsq

Chapter 157: “Father, what about Katherine? Her sentencing is soon.” Roger was still very concerned about this. No one had been able to see Katherine after she had been imprisoned. Attempting to murder the prince was a huge crime. If it were an ordinary noble, their entire family would

Volume 2, Chapter 4 “What is the date today?” “What, General?” “I’m asking you, what is today’s date?” “May 21, 1940. What is it General?” “No, it’s nothing.” Xu Jun felt his body grow weak, muttering to himself, &l

AST 998 – Luan Luan’s formidable beast, Leaving the Sacred Land of Panacea Having high growth was very important. Fundamentally, beasts can grow infinitely. Just like how a human’s strength fundamentally could grow infinitely, only bottlenecks would prevent many from advancing to

AST 999 – Changes to the Spirited Snake Turtle, Refining Hallow Pill Everyone set up their camps here. The plains were cleaner than the plains back from Qing Shui’s previous life. The children started playing on the thick layer of grass. The others started to prepare dinner. Since ther

AST 1000 – The Almighty Hallow Pill, The Surge of Power (1) Looking at the last remaining Hallow Pill, Qing Shui was filled with intense excitement. He then poured out 40 or more pellets, almost half of the 99 pellets and proceeded to store the other half inside the bottle before sealing it s

Chapter 143rd Chirp! I am not a robber! (1) “Don’t you think you have no sincerity at all?” Vermillion Bird was squatting in Shen Yanxiao’s side. His small body nested into a ball, his white finger was drawing circles on the ground. He had followed a lot of outstanding maste

Chapter 144th Chirp! I am not a robber! (2) A little guy, who seemed to have started walking just recently, was standing in front of Lin Ke. With a veil on his face, a pair of small hands on his waist, he was looking full of vigor. But that slightly wrinkled eyebrows and that pair of big eyes which

Chapter 33 - Mysterious Jade   Lin Yi made sure Xiaobo was out of sight before making his way to where the car was. Li Fu had waited for him, as expected. The car only started moving after Lin Yi got on. Yushu and Mengyao at the back were quieter than usual, and Lin Yi wasn’t sure if i

Chapter 34 - Bank Robbery   Lin Yi was not a hero. He preferred to lay low, and he understood with a clear mind the things he should, and should not, do. It was the same in North Africa as well- he had always remembered the duty assigned to him: He was tasked with guarding the interview team

Chapter 35 - I'll Be Your Hostage   “I’ll be your hostage- don’t pick on the girl.” Lin Yi stood up, speaking dully. Mengyao couldn’t believe her ears! Was the man so unscared of death that he’d stand up for her in a situation like this? Sure, he was

Chapter 36 - Damned Licence Plate   “But we have the snipers ready! They’re ninety percent certain that they’d kill off the robbers! Song Lingshan argued. “You said it yourself, it’s a ninety percent chance! What about the other ten percent, and what if Miss Chu

Chapter 37 - Who's Killing Who?   “Do you only pick on girls?!” Lin Yi’s lips twitched as he looked at Baldy. “I say, you guys aren’t after the bank at all, are you? It was just to cover you kidnapping Chu Mengyao!” “Hmph, so what if you found ou

Chapter 38 - Need Me To Take My Pants Off?   Lin Yi tapped the gun against the Baldy’s head. "Don’t move around now you guys, else I’ll kill the hostage! Tell them, Baldy.” “Guys.... don’t move around…..” Baldy felt helpless- the kid was

At the Qin Mansion, the servants and workers were busy decorating the place with lanterns and colored banners to instill an auspicious feeling. Everywhere, a feeling of happiness pervaded the atmosphere. Guests from all over the country arrived in an endless stream. Both the Qin father and son were

One year passed… the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ was the still the same as it was one year ago. It was still tall and lofty. It still seemed as if it would pierce the sky. It had been nearly restored to normal appearance post the destruction caused by the startling battle that had taken place over a year ago

White Team: Flowery shirt A5, Hu Changzai A1, Long-legs C1, Old woman C3, Hai Tianqing D3, Loser D4. Red Team: Lin Sanjiu A5, Old Wang E2, Zhong Junkai D5. "How unfortunate! Contestants from both White Team and Red Team have chosen the A5 tile… We will just have to see who wins the duel to get the

Chapter 592: Profiteering The most critical thing was, how dare they continue to slander Jiang Chen and add to his anger? If they enraged him, what if he really possessed the antidote and refused to give it to them? Wouldn’t they all perish here? After all, the heavyweights here were all smar

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room Book 2: You’re Beautiful Chapter 19   Dt stood from his seat, grabbed Grunt’s jacket, and ran after him.  Inin pulled on Ai Qing’s arm and whispered a suggestion, “Can we go back ourselves……” Apparently I

Arifureta After II   The Meaning of Hero   「PYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!」 Such weird shriek was echoing through the vast sky. The voice’s owner was Koone. Her blonde twintail was turned unruly from the wind. Kouki was going to call at her, thinking that she was being scared. Howeve

Chapter 534 – Yue Yang’s breakthrough Translated by: honey Edited by: Last TLCed by: Last Night Empress’ words shocked Yue Yang. When did she come in? How could he not have sensed anything? Even if it was Tong Tian Tower’s Ultimate Killer An Xi was invisible, Yue Yang coul

Meeting After giving them a tour of the tower, Leylin brought the priests to the drawing room. The metallic golems arrived quickly, presenting tea and snacks in elven porcelain. “May I know why Lord Baron invited us here?” Xena took a look at these golems that were about as strong as r

Angele’s eyes narrowed as he saw the man walk out of the cabin. The man was different from the first time Angele saw him on the dock. His aura was now similar to the strong Wizard with a black panther Angele met back in the forest. He hid his true mentality level using a certain method and it only

  Wiro Sableng Book Who were those four bearded and dressed in black men? They called themselves the Four Beards of Sanggreng Cave, with Bergola Wungu as their leader. They were none other than the group of bandits who had been operating along the Cimandilu river and were notorious for their

Chapter 008 (Part 2 of 2) of 087 Setting sun. Green trees. Sunset clouds. A man was standing the temple’s main hall’s entrance. He was staring into the distance in the North direction. QingQiao looked into the distance for a moment too. Finally, she couldn’t resist voicing her t

Episode 7: Tidal Wave of Monsters / Chapter 123: Alien Troops from Earth (8) TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk   {TL/N: Choi Hyuk’s Imprint adds stats when he makes a slashing attack. It should be fixed for previous chapters as well. Sorry guys.}   The monsters covered Dragonic. The

Chapter 84: Hidden in the Void (Part 1/2) Translation: Sarah Luo Nan eyed his Dynamo Core. He was sure that it was nearly twice as long as the Deep Sea Type Four. On top of that, the ‘electro-light’ that flowed within the core was more intense than before.  This was probably beca

Chapter 97 – Facing them Alone ‘Why did this woman turn up in a place like this?’ Sungchul didn’t show it, but he was quite startled. Sujin Lee the Regressor. They had a one of a kind meeting during their time in the Summoning Palace, but he felt that she was a dead woman w

Chapter 254: Going together without prior consultation  Though the white-robed man had kept silent all this time, Long Feiye and Gu Qishao hadn’t forgotten about him. The fact that someone from the Shadow Clan had shown up here was worth thinking over. Moreover, he’d just said such

Chapter 255: Someone got there first Perplexing Butterfly Illusion. That was a poison capable of vaporizing tens of thousands of substances. Leaving aside the door before him, even the poison beast inside would instantly vanish beneath its toxin. When Long Feiye had handed the Perplexing Butterfly

Chapter 96: Chasing to Kill   Outside White Water City, Xiao Chen ran frantically towards the Savage Forest. He felt heartbroken as he looked at the incredibly weak Xiao Bai, who had fainted in his embrace. The attack Xiao Bai executed was the most powerful attack in the Mysterious Nine

On the second day, Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian and General Chi sat on the chairs in the desert. They were here to look at Qiqi’s experiment with the screen covers. Liu Zhong TIan squinted his eyes slightly, looking at Qiqi who is busy now. He wonders what kind of surprise will she bring to him.

Chapter 586 - The Mountain Gate of Mount Li (II)   Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr   Yes, the sword style Liang Banhu used was the most ordinary Mountain Gate Sword of the Mount Li Sword Sect. Any disciple that entered the Mount Li Sword Sect would learn this sword st

Lou Qiao led a group of strong looking aunties and managed to suppress and catch the female traitors within the group. The tense situation was quickly brought under control, the traitors were all tied up and gagged before being forced to kneel in front of Huan Bei Ming’s portrait… &ld

CHAPTER 82: CHAMPION OF THE BORDER   Translator: Nat                                                            Editor: Beansprout –Ae

The last day of the Harvest Festival. With my friends doing different things on their own, I leisurely went around the city.   As usual, Shikuro is still a never changing city where it’s busy during the festival. While I was glossing over the city, one shop had my interest. It was a

"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 32 When the sound of birdsongs had just entered into ears early in the morning, an ear-splitting noise already came through from next door, continuously, Xia Fen’s alarm and anxious shouting resounded completely through the air of Xia