Chapter 49 Sword Manual Gu Shenwei’s internal energy was completely under Xue Niang’s control. He could only make some progress with the help of her Iron Finger internal energy. At the same time, the internal energy infused by Xue Niang gathered at the xuanji acupoint like a dorman

Hidden Marriage Chapter 177: An Unexpected Reversal   “You want to terminate your contract?” Chang Li’s expression finally showed some change, but she quickly returned to a calm state, “Ning Xi, don’t use the contract to threaten me. Do you know how much the penal

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort Chapter 208: Retribution (5)   “Gu Qing, you want me to release Old Man Gu?” Gu Ruoyun smiled with a sinister look in her eyes, “I can do as you ask right now and let him go. I just hope you don’t regret it. Wei Yiyi, send a message to

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort Chapter 209: Retribution (6)   “You fool! You stupid fool!” It hadn’t been easy for him to clear his father’s misgivings, but now this stupid woman had confessed everything just like that. He was done for. This time, he was completely

Legend of the Great Saint Book 2, Chapter 86   But now the dead were dead and the disabled were disabled. They didn’t have any ability left to face Feng Zhang and both were afraid he’d ruthlessly turn on them. Little An didn’t flee. The bones all over his body showed faint

Chapter 53: Never and who’s celestial being (Part 2) May 25, 2017Ai Hrist *Note: the narration in this part is based on the other character’s point of view, so to portray their ignorance I tried not using a medical term for the instrument. Each one of them got so worried about her. Ho

Chapter 646 These are the contestants you guys picked? In the afternoon. At Central TV’s basement recording studio. This was the venue that The Voice’s program team had booked temporarily to hold the preliminary auditions. They did not actually need to do any recording but

Chapter 196 – Chapter 41: Discovery #2 “So, this is a fairy?”  “Yes. One of the pieces, to be precise.”  Habits were strange. The children of the demon king who belonged to Shutra’s faction gathered naturally in In-gong’s living room, and such

Volume  1 Chapter 19  It Is Mine Su Su staggered, almost planted her foot  near  the gold vessel thrown on the floor. She was staring Sang Leng looking  damned like a hell. These two, sister and brother’s sentiments were also good somewhat very excessive! It call to

Volume 1 Chapter 20  The Dead  Su Su before returning inside the cabin, looked outside first, the room  inside revealed an orange yellow candlelight.  She took down the mask on her face, and put in the hat and knocked the door gently two times. She discovered that the doors was

Chapter 64 – Bomber #2   The hint of the location of the second bomb was hidden in a riddle. The police groaned after hearing it, but the remaining time was tight. They had to solve this mystery… If they couldn’t cope with this then they would be helpless like in

Chapter 137: Giant robotic arms Translated by me, edited by drpetro. There were two laboratories, one was the [New Alloy Materials Laboratory], while the other was the [Mechanical Movement Laboratory]. As soon as the licence for the two laboratories was approved, all Ye Qing had to do was reposi

Chapter 1495: World of Ice and Fire! “It’s you…?” Little Treasure said, his heart trembling. It was a face he could never forget. In the darkest, loneliest moment of his entire life, it was the source of the only warmth he had felt. Eventually, Little Treasure’s hand

VOLUME 9 CHAPTER 93: DON’T TELL ME THIS IS A TEMPORARY RESPITE BEFORE THE NEXT BATTLE (8) Li Dian POV Battles are always endlessly coming one after another, be it for me or anyone else. However, in between each battle, people need to rest and recover. Right now, apart from those who are

Chapter 214: War Between Humans and Beasts Only after arriving at the edge of the border did Zhu Yao truly understand the difference this world had. A forest was in front of her eyes, yet it was split into two. On this side, it was lush green, while it was withered and old on the other, as though t

Chapter 422: The Battle can be lost, but the Celestial King has to die Before the life-and-death battle between the three kings, all three sides had sent ambassadors to discuss the details regarding the life-and-death battle. A shocking unanimous decision was that all three kings wanted it as soon

Invincible Level Up Chapter 70: Three Years Period The rank six green thicket snake had reached the end of its road and struggled meaninglessly. After a while, it fell heavily onto the ground, creating a big hole. Qin Tian aimed at the core’s position and pierced his sword through. Its sku

Chapter 477 – Arriving at Tian Yun   On this day, a ray of silver light flew across the void. The ray of silver light looked like a dragon, moving through space without any obstruction. There was a person standing on this ray of silver light. This person had a head of long hair flowing

Chapter 289 – Gathering of Heroes Shi Hao drove off, leaving behind those individuals whose bodies were scorched black from lightning. They were so angry that they were shaking. They never would have thought that they would encounter such a domineering individual. They were beaten in a s

Chapter 48: Your Master is Seriously Scum! As Bai Lianhua was drafting out her plans, Tang Doudou was puzzling over why Baili Yu was suddenly asking this. The fact that Bai Feiyun and Bai Lianhua were cousins surprised her quite a bit. No wonder she had always felt that this Bai Lianhua was pleasi

Chapter 482: A Heroic Tale “The secret to the blue mechas success wasn’t equipment, and it wasn’t skill. The power he had that day was from an entire bottle of Fantascia Genetica the pilot drank before the fight.” “Some of you might not know what Fantascia Genetica is

Chapter 37: The method of avoiding the Wind (1) Translator: hwarang Editor: COYO   As the Western Saber Clan’s leader, Hwang Chung, made his way to the guest pavilion he was more nervous than ever. Because the person he was going to meet here at the Yang Clan’s household was Ma

CHAPTER 20 – RAMPAGE OF THE INSTINCT           「Really, they’re quite strong……」   I got annoyed to the unexpected toughness of the opponent.   Should have I asked Toel and Al-san to come here too. How careless of me.   Ho

CHAPTER 102 – MAGIC POWERS THAT EXCEEDS LUCIO     「I’m back〜. Uu〜, it’s so cold」   Nadia who came back from outside was continuously rubbing her palms. It’s true that the temperature today started to drop from the morning, and the temperature right now is

Chapter 39: Secret Collusions   Bai Zhi and Zi Yan entered the house one after the other, Li Wei Yang did not pay attention to Zi Yan and spoke only to Bai Zhi: “Did you feel like I was too harsh in punishment?” Bai Zhi thought about it and said: “This house does have rules

Chapter 40: The storm of giving a gift in return   Zi Yan really did work day and night, soon producing an exquisitely embroidered pouch that was sent to the young master’s Xiu Zhu Yuan. Li Wei Yang was watching, yet acted as if she knew nothing, would not talk about it in front of pe

Chapter 41: Reluctantly giving up one’s treasure   Li Chang Le keenly smelling something was off, quickly said: "Meimei is really confused, forgetting what you have sent.” Li Wei Yang’s black and white eyes revealed a trace of surprise: “Dajie, what I gave to Dag

Chapter 42: Sell Someone Out In Hopes of Winning Favor   Once everyone had heard, they were shocked and horrified. Da Furen was the first person to react: “Suzi? This is clearly the red ginseng Lao Furen often uses! Chang Le, you are only a child, do not speak without thinking!”

Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry Chapter 149: Debut and Memory Loss 「…….Although it is like that each and every time, I think it is good that Touya-dono is being Touya-dono」 「……Good grief. We are probably lucky with that」 「What do you mean?」 I uninte

Episode 6: Mafia Game / Chapter 97: At the ruins (3) TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk   {TL/N} ‘evil hand of night’ -> ‘monster of night’, author changed its name.   “That bastard attacked me first!” Berserker Kim Minhee shouted in a dejected voice.

Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry Chapter 146: New Machine Type and Working People While the mass production of the Frame Gear and Ether Liquid continues, ordinary days still continue the same way as always since it’s not like anything will change that abruptly. The guild

Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry Chapter 147: Train Project and Gathering Raw Materials 「Uuwaaaa ! Amazing~ !It really is flying !」 「Nee~nee~, Heika! Magic !? Is it magic! ?」 「It isn’t magic. This is dynamic power… Basically, it’s flying with power of the wind

Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry Chapter 148: Golden Golem and a Mysterious Girl 「Uha~……. It is really gilded…..」 The Orichalcum Golem was in the valley among the steep mountains going for dozens of kilometers to the west from Oedo of Ishen. Being one size

SG! 70: THE VALUE OF AN UNCERTAIN THING “All clear.” At the rear of the mansion, I received a report from Leopard. “…Got it.” Even I could read the stiffness in my voice and expression. The attack came the day after Chris’s disappearance. It had been tim

SG! 71: A FIGHT TO THE DEATH Swallowed up by the golden wall, there was a moment of vertigo, and then my surroundings changed completely. From the daytime outdoors to the familiar underground chamber below the castle. Though it was bright enough thanks to the mysterious light source, it was to

SG! 72: ROBBERS AND THE ROBBED During this interval, my body regained the ability to move. Slowly, I got to my feet and took a deep breath. Maybe I was confused because of the extent of the damage. That thing, I held in my left hand. The sword in my right… was now at my feet.

Legend of the Great Saint Book 2, Chapter 85   “Keen Metal Talisman.” Wan Hao pasted the talisman on his blade and condensed a three feet long astral blade, cleaving his way forth. If Li Qingshan was thinking of taking a strike from him again and still survive, well, that would b

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 479: The Transformations of the 64th Commander Squad (II) Zhang Fangfang was startled. Over this year, during the many times Wang Yuanyuan and him went through fire and water, she almost seemed totally immersed in her slaughter. And this was the first time she expressed h

Chapter 0252: Fu Xiaomei “Hey … Just call me as old chap, don’t call me big brother, it causes my skin to tingle…” Ning Cheng lifted his hands hastily in order to stop this effeminate man from speaking any more words. TL Note: Here the words ‘old chap’ o

Chapter 251 - Great Country (2)     Zhao Feng thought that if the Liu Family he was looking for was indeed one of the Four Great families of the Canopy Great Country, it would be incredible. One Emperor, Three Sects, Four Families.   These eight forces sustained the life of Cano