Chapter 2   “Heeey, homeroom’s over~”   Together with a familiar, pleasant-sounding voice, something was moving in front of him. Haruki blinked a few times to focus his blurry vision. “Hey, can you hear me?” The voice belonged to his childhood friend, Yuu

Chapter 3   Summer was nearing its end, and the autumn bugs were starting to make themselves heard amongst the cries of the cicadas at sunset. Feeling a cool breeze brush against his neck, Haruki looked up from his laptop. The lights in the room were on, but he hadn’t noticed them come

Chapter 430: I hate you To prove that he was the most excellent imitation because that was the meaning of his existence. What this sentence meant to people in the know, like the silver-haired girl and Mu Yuesheng, it was a depressing form of deprecating oneself in a way that shot strange pangs thr

Chapter 93: From now on “…Umm”  (Arge) I felt like someone was called my name, and I regain my consciousness. “Arge … did you wake up?”  (Felnote) In a familiar voice, call my name.  I could not smell somewhere like a sunny gentle sm

Chapter 119: The unique quest’s ultimate reward “Friend, where did you get those gloves and that mask?  How about you sell them to me?”  A tall man carrying a long broadsword walked forward and patted Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder as he spoke.  The tone of his voice

Saturday, February 23rd Weather: Rainy —————————————————— Debutante* (名媛/míng yuán)……. since a week doing nothing but eat, sleep and going to toilet, all the

Chapter 50: Schedule (Part 2/2) Luo Nan knew that although his aunt appeared powerful, she was very much a traditional woman. She put the importance of educating a child first. Her way of thinking was conservative. And she would often shift decisions towards the men of the family on certain princip

The General’s Little Peasant Wife 12 Hello, guys! I’m half back to the land of the living. Thank you for your wait. Today is a double release! For those who have bigger burden than me, don’t give up! When life gives you lemon, go make a lemonade! Chapter Twelve Yang Le Le w

The General’s Little Peasant Wife 13 Chapter Thirteen “Yao Yao, wait until I can embroider a big one then you teach me, okay?” Yang Le Le looked at Ning Meng Yao with expectation. She had learnt not little things from Ning Meng Yao and she had not mastered all of them. The

Year 7442, Month 4, Day 17     I return to the inn and organize the things I talked about today.     ..It was mostly just me giving handouts. Is what I thought for a moment, but since the things I heard about Keel's common sense were of pretty good reference so the 42,

Year 7442, Month 4, Day 19   The next morning when I woke up my head hurt from a terrible hangover. I know that I can recover from it with detoxification magic but a simple resolution is bad for the health, or rather if I get strangely used to it, I just don't want to get into a habit of

Year 7442, Month 4, Day 20     The next morning, I run as usual after waking up and after changing into a some worn-out clothes I had some breakfast in a random store before going to Janlud's store. I doubt I'll run into Begulu at this time. After keeping an eye out for a while

Year 7442, Month 4, Day 21     Today it's exactly one week since I accepted the job. I pulled it out to the last moment but it's already at the limit. I need to go to Zulaid Metal-smith. I take a shower after going running and head towards Zulaid Metal-smith with my full rubber

The 18th Story: Valles sightseeing part 2 When I left the guild’s building it was noon already. I am hungry so I approach the street stall which came into view. “Excuse me, what is this?” “Hello, this is roasted horn rabbit with vegetables. It is 10 Zen for one” &l

Chapter 77 A City Under Siege The devs are too lazy. This was literally a plot right out of a wuxia novel! Making sure that she was not hurt, Ye Ci stood up. The only remaining skeleton with her, the Skeleton Guardian, stood up as well. The space was not big. There was a huge throne in front of Ye

2nd Arc, Chapter 31: The City’s Troubles Translated by Soyokaze Tranlsations: Soyokazeweb . wordpress . com “At last, we’re at the border city! But doesn’t it seem like there’s some heaviness in the air?” “Quiet over there. Calm down and line up.&rdq

Chapter 20: Second Brush — Have you heard of Amway ♕ At another place, Ji Zhe Yan was also unable to fall asleep. He had been sleeping in this bed for three years, but he he had a nagging feeling that sleeping in it tonight was somewhat different from normal. As if…Ye Zhen Zhen&rsquo

Chapter 52 [Acquisition of Traits]   TL : Cnine ED/PF : akshaythedon Part 1   Well, the cultivation field should be enough with this much, and I should experiment a bit more with the Farmer system’s skills.     I leave the village and head towards the nearby forest

Chapter 205: Secrets of Firebending The sudden transformation of Song Lin caused Bai Yunfei to start in surprise. Cautiously, he probed, “Senior, have…have I said something wrong?” “Er…” Realizing his loss of composure, Song Lin quickly apologized to him, &ld

Chapter 1008: Beneath the Abyss Yi Yun knew that the Azure Wood Manor was an impressive seclusive sect. It was unfathomable at its prime, but even so, it was impossible for it to have many Divine Lords early in its establishment. The entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven only had a few dozen Divi

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ [Subaru: You look energetic this morning] [Garfiel: I should be th’one sayin’ that. The hell are ya doin’ showin’ up here first thing in the mornin? Y’tryin’ to piss me off? Oy!] Subaru raised his hand a little to say hi, and Garfiel,

Chapter 1 Note: Lot of footnotes in this chapter. Sorry ahead of time, but this chapter sets up things to come. There should be a lot less footnotes in the future once things are established. <<Proud Immortal Demon Way>> is a YY stallion novel.1 Getting to the point, “Proud Immo

Chapter 2 Note: Our male lead Luo Binghe shows up in this chapter! Still a lot of footnotes but less than in Chapter 1. Shen Yuan has never been able to understand why this extreme scum villain, Shen Qingqiu, has this kind of do-or-die attitude. For what? The original Shen Qingqiu’s family

Chapter 3 Note: Thanks for the reviews and encouragement everyone! You’ve inspired me to pump out another chapter ahead of schedule.  (ღˇᴗˇ)。o*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Shen Qingqiu is an easily satisfied person. Since he has already transmigrated into “Proud Immortal Demon Way” and i

Chapter 4 TN: Thank you for the encouragement, everyone! *hugs* Just to be on the safe side, I’m going to warn that there’s one line in this chapter that might make our MC seem misogynistic. But he’s really not, it’s more that he’s complaining about temp

Chapter 5 TN: I realize that some of what’s happened might be a little difficult to understand (esp. the details about the system), so I’ve made a Chapter 1-5 summary available here. Hopefully it’ll clear things up if anyone’s confused. Or you can just ask me. 

Chapter 6 TN: In case you missed the news, Luen’s going to be our editor! Welcome and thank you! *throws confetti and candy* We find out more about the Skinner in this chapter. Plot ball’s going to start rolling, rolling, rolling~ :3   Having learned his lesson, Shen Qingqiu was

Chapter 26 – Finals, Final Day (Part 1)   TL Note: I misunderstood the ranks in the army. Chie, Celes, Stupid Swordsman, etc. should be the rank of Commander. (Squad) Captain should be used for people like Luke (Chapter 18). Well, if you remember the series well enough to be thrown off

The team complained about Zheng for a brief moment then quickly turned their attention to the three movie characters, especially Jonathan who hadn’t shut his mouth the whole time. He was narrating his trip in China.   “I met a few arms dealers in the U.S. and I had plans to visit

The Mackerel Pike of the Old Capital (Part 1)   Eleanora looked at her desk, which was messy as usual, and heaved a small sigh. It was already dark outside by the time she finished her work, and today’s fatigue was weighing down on her shoulders. There were bundles of parchment paper, h

Wataru’s Side of Things   The mock fight ended in Wataru’s complete victory. “Well, if you can get me out of this circle, it’ll be your win. If you win, Kehma-san will tell you something good in secret.” “Oi, Wataru?” “Ahaha, it’s alright

Chapter 62 – Ill weeds grow apace even if they’ve become old “Oy, Klaus! Do you have some grudges against me, too?” (Hermann) “Grudges? There are. You made light of my grandchildren.” (Klaus) “You want to make them nobles!?” (Hermann) “That&r

Act 2 The Noble Girl’s Outing Plans 1    コーデリアの手紙に対する思い出は、前世で『ヨウチエン』の時に流行った『オテガミコウカン』が最後の記憶だ。  The last time Cordelia remembered using a letter was in the previous world when she was in『kindergarten』and『exchanging letters』was still a fashionable thing.    元々筆まめな方ではなかったし、手紙でなければ連

Translator: Skythewood Editors: Darkdhaos, Thorify D, alkin  This happened on a certain clear, winter day. “Well, has the ‘Silver Phoenix Knights’ left for Laihiala, yet?” The tenth King of the ‘Fremmevira Kingdom’—‘Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira&r

Chapter 117: The Trick to Make Someone Do Something   Kang Xia said, “I think it would be better if we define the 3rd product as a health care type rather than a beverage. Then we shall make it a high-class product. I believe that even if the price tag is a little bit expensive, th

Chapter 181 – The Source Energy of All Ghosts The shadow of the Emperor of Royal Dragon appeared, summoning countless burning red lotuses into the sky. Those corpse ghosts trembled instinctively. The Emperor raised his hands. Between his palms, a giant Red Lotus was echoing with all of the sm

My Wife Is A Princess Chapter 4: Attendant   Li Luyou had no way to prepare a temporary palace for Her Imperial Highness that could meet the Annan imperial house’s standards. He actually felt he could maybe arrange a long-term stay in a five star hotel’s presidential suite to mat

My Wife Is A Princess Chapter 5: White Sugar Popsicle   “What are you thinking of, feeling everything is very fresh?” “Hm.” “When did you come here?” “This morning.” “How did you come?” “There was a battle, lost control d

Chapter 6 - And my body falls into that category!? "Well, let's kill them." When Yogiri found out that what was flying towards them were his classmates he promptly made up his mind. "Ah, yes. Who wouldn't choose murder when finding out about his flying classmates...――What t

Chapter 7 - Eternal Force Blizzard, target dies "Die." Yogiri channeled his power. "Gehah! Die, he says, can your vocabulary be any more limite――" Hanakawa regarded Yogiri's remark as nothing more than some hopeless resistance and spat out a scoff-like mock, but he quickl