HSSB336: Second level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, mid Spirit Vessel stage   Within the Underground Splitting Shuttle, traversing through the depths of the sea, Yan Zhaoge formed a seal with his hands, placed at his abdomen above where his dantian was. His entire body’s aura-qi ci

Book 8 Chapter 56 – A Century of Sleep  Previously, when Teng Qingshan had gone to the Blazing Flame Territory, it had already been night. Today, when he rushed back from the Blazing Flame Territory to Ox-Head Mountain Range, traces of dawn were gradually painting the sky. After all, thi

Chapter 752: Assassination on the Open Streets Although Jian Chen knew about the wild ambitions of the Zaar family, he had never thought that the grand elder would tell him about it so directly. This made him stunned. However, he knew that the reason why the Zaar family wanted him to join them was

Chapter 48   ~posting for Xixi~ XD, xixi turns 16 today! Translated this on the plane, I arrive at Beijing in a couple hours. No wifi on the plane argh, pray for me, it was like the hunger games when I got onto the plane today, I almost got pushed into the arms of random people. 3000 words t

Chapter 1040: Awakening Yi Yun had condensed his Dao fruit. A Nine Transformations Red Lotus propped up the nine-leaf Dao fruit, with every petal matching a Dao leaf. The symbolization of nine flower petals and nine Dao leaves could be considered perfection! However, how could the mark the peerle

CHAPTER 114 – AIRCRAFT CARRIER LUCIO     I am still flying in the sky with the same speed towards the sun.   It’s about a week since I started flying and my wives are already used to the life in the sky. They climbed on my continuously flying body like it’s a j

Chapter 1595: Someone Transcends!     The war between the Mountain and Sea Realm and the Vast Expanse School went on for a thousand years, and yet neither side could wipe the other out. In the end, they called a truce. The number of cultivators who died was beyond calculation. The only

Rei and Ara kept quiet. Set merely closed his eyes and let Rei rest against him. In the center of the magic formation before the two people and the single animal, Elena appeared as she was just sleeping until she woke up as the sand in the hourglass emptied for the fifth time……that is

CHAPTER 31 – WHEN I NOTICED IT, MY FAMILIARS INCREASED   「Stone Bullet!」 One small stone bullet flew as far as 20 meters and fell after decelerating. …………how disappointing. Right now, I am practicing Earth Magic, but it is not going well. I am now able to

Chapter 463: Grabbing the Devil’s hand (2/2) “Why don’t you take the opportunity to use my hand to kill that little side hoe?” Kali’s gaze turned cold as she said, “I do not wish for him to become a flower in a greenhouse, so I do not mind you increasing the tri

Green Skin – Chapter 15: Sacred Battle (1) Posted on June 24, 2017 by Calvis — 3 Comments ↓ [ Yes . . . Blood Dagger . . . Definitely among the ‘ Green Skin ’ they are the only clan that retreats in battle . . . . what? You say that they are de

Chapter 53 – Gimpo International Airport (1)       1.   December 31st was the start of a nightmare that had lasted through January, February, and now March.   The weather hadn’t changed in quite some time. It had been and still was absolutely freezing

Chapter 23 – Orcrox Warriors (2) Ian arrived at Orcrox Fortress in an instant, thanks to the power of the shamans. The group entered Orcrox with a firm expression. The Orcrox warriors and shamans were already preparing for the campaign. Since dawn, the entire Orcrox Fortress had be

At the Crossroad of Trust #2 Having spent five years at Bergen Academy, Theo had realized one thing: he shouldn’t judge people by their light words or temporary actions. Classmates who pretended to be friends had turned away from him, while the professors treated him like a fool. It would b

  Chapter 164: Second Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda Huang Xiaolong infused battle qi into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and it broke out in a sphere of aureate light. With a quick flash, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes blurred and he appeared in a different space. There were some similarities

Episode 6: Mafia Game / Chapter 106: A New Start TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk   TL/N: This chapter is more graphic than usual.   “What about the Berserkers? Are they still not here yet?” “No. They said that they aren’t coming to back us up at all!” &ldq

Chapter 99: *Title Hidden* “Now where?” The woman called by Female Venerable asked coldly. “According to my sense of smell, he should be in the territory of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor. He seems to be chasing someone. Female Venerable, I really haven’t involved myself w

Chapter 65 - (Chapter 119): Bright Blade Year 7444, Month 1, Day 17 Since we had a lot of baggage and to avoid as much combat as possible we hurried back down the passage we came. We even lessened our caution against monsters a bit to put priority on speed. "Hurry, even in the case that

Chapter 56 – It seems to be a discovery and dangerous signs “So, I’ve been told that your reason for this visit is to go on a pleasure jaunt.” (Kurowaal) Kurowaal who guided Renya’s party to a place similar to a lounge for the time being prepares a number of chairs, f

Chapter 64 - (Chapter 118): Father More coming~ Probably 2-6 hours. Year 7444, Month 1, Day 17 A bluish-white lightning surges from the left hand I've stuck out. In an instant the electricity hit the guy standing at the front holding a long sword and round shield, and a moment after he was

Chapter 232: You Let Me Win Conducting the Crescent Moon Blade he had in his right arm, Bai Yunfei called over the other one that had been pressed against Chen Huanghua’s neck back to him. With a clicking sound, the two swords were conjoined together. Waving his hand, the blade disappeared

Chapter 222 – Forced to Failure (unedited) —————————————————————————-Jiang Muye continued to be listless. He didn’t regain his spirit unt

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 29 Early in the morning as the sun was rising, Ye Yunxiao was currently in the bathroom taking a bath She leaned naked against the huge tub and asked her personal maid to pour the fragrant warm water inside. She lazily asked, “Ying’er, wha

Chapter 863: A Big Battle Begins Han Feng’s cold cry filled with killing intent broke the stiff atmosphere of this region. The experts from the Demon Flame Valley and Black Emperor Sect unleashed their soul-stirring killing intent at this moment. Their gazes were dark as they glared at Xiao Y

Chapter 864: Life Transforming Flame The grayish-brown flame remained suspended above Xiao Yan’s head. It appeared like a grayish sun that repeatedly emitted a frighteningly high temperature that caused the air to distort. This kind of temperature was already very close to the Green Lotus Cor

Chapter 865: Capturing An enormous grayish-brown fire bird flapped its wings as it floated in the azure sky. Hot waves radiated from its body, causing the space in the sky to become distorted. The surrounding space would emit a slight ripple each time this so-called ‘Star Fire Phoenix’

Chapter 17 - Bai Heng Several disciples were seen sitting cross-legged on the Martial Training Ground of Qin Clan. Hovering behind them were their Martial Spirits, constantly  absorbing the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. These disciples had clearly not yet heard news of the events that had

Chapter 18 Eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit After leaving the Conference Hall, Qin Nan directly went to the Patriarch’s courtyard with Qin Tian. The second they took a step into the courtyard, Tie San, who was waiting, immediately asked, “Big Brother, how did the things go?&rdqu

Chapter 97 - Temptation   TN: Thank you Mr. Bruno for sponsoring this chapter. ... ...       However, Tom Hanks also know why Cruise was so careful, the other side has been taking the idol route, if he suddenly appeared on the screen dressed as a woman, it's lik

Chapter 96 - Two Superstars (Sponsored Chapter)     TN: Thank you Jorge and Paul for sponsoring this chapter.         An obscure black business car parked in Firefly's office building parking lot, a tall man with sunglasses on and curly black hair and his agent

Chapter Nineteen Banquet at Huayin Palace Xuanji thought that something would happen between the both of them, but that wasn’t the case. The Emperor did not do anything. To her surprise, she did not spend the night lying stiffly atop his body till dawn, for she quickly fell into a restful sle

Chapter 115: A group of foxes “Lan Xiang, pick up the skirt and come with me.” “Yes, concubine consort.”  Lan Xiang was also afraid of the phlegm on the skirt and was afraid of getting tuberculosis, but she had no choice but to follow Chen Bi Yun’s orders.  

Chapter 24: The Consequences of Offending a Beauty   After watching Xie Fei and his men leave, Li Yundong turned around to find Zhou Yu, who had come to make trouble for him earlier, standing there in a daze. Li Yundong sneered and said, “Did you want to have a duel with me? How ab

Book 28, Archaeus Region, Chapter 43 – Ji Ning’s Sword There were only so many attendants in the store, and the majority of them were busy accompanying the Daolords. As a result, Ji Ning was by himself after entering the place. “Damned impressive.” Ning stared at the many t

Book 28, Archaeus Region, Chapter 42 – Quadressence Water A full day passed in the blink of an eye. For now, Ji Ning resided within a side pavilion within the estate. He just sat there, staring past the railing towards the beautiful scene of the Trileaf Realm outside. Whoosh. Ning stretched

Chapter 63: Demon Altar (Part ½) Leave? You didn’t think things would be that easy did you? Luo Nan stood above in the night sky. He looked through the crisscrossing light rails of traffic lanes that surrounded the DeShang Building and saw Jack leave in hatred. Luo Nan let out a long

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room Book 2: You’re Beautiful Chapter 4       When the youngest member of SP ran to the beach looking for Ai Qing, he happened to see the strongest K&K captain was holding a white beach towel wrapped around Ai Qing.  He thought his e

Heavenly Dynasty   Translated by Team DHH.   Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates Chapter 15: Heavenly Dynasty   <Establishing A Heavenly Imperial Court> That was the title of the article. Unlike Dayang Shengong or the Demonic Body Toning Method, it was not a manu

vs Bat     After finishing the job, I raised my level with a light meal. Then, I went to the guild while feeling happiness. When I went in front of the reception, the usual Onee-san said.   “Kehma-sama……”   Onee-san stared at me with a slightly

Chapter 63 - (Chapter 117): Fierce Attack by DarkSilencer, 1 hour and 14 minutes ago Personal Journal That character that everyone has been waiting for, HE finally appears. Year 7444, Month 1, Day 1 I somehow managed to return to the town of Baldukk in time for dinner. I had a sl